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Would I be able to take a mortgage if my partner is bankrupt and his equity is taken ?

My parther and I have been living in his property for 6 years. Since his business has gone into liquidation he had to make himself bancrupt and now the property we live in is sold and the equity will be taken by the bank as it was a security towards his business. We have never had any joint accounts and our finances have always been separate.

Can the bailiff take things that are not mine?

I don't own all the things in my flat. The TV is my sisters, the microwave my mums. Can the bailiffs take them?

Can you have a bank account if you are made bankrupt?

Can someone please tell me whether you can have a bank account if you are made bankrupt. I need to pay my wages in.

Baliffs - Person they're after doesn't live here!

We keep getting baliffs knocking on our door about a guy who used to rent this house. We have told them over and over again he doesn't live here but they don't care, and now we have had a etter saying they are coming tonight to take our things. We're not going to let them in, but i'm sure they won't go away, so what can we do?

If I was made bankrupt 8 years ago, am I legally bound to declare it on applications?

If I was made bankrupt 8 years ago and have spent a lot of time rebuilding my credit rating over the last 4 years, do I still legally have to declare that I was once made bankrupt if I am filling in a mortgage application or application for credit? On general credit card application forms, the question is not generally asked, but I know on a mortgage one it will be.

How many hours are you allowed to work/how much can you earn and keep a debt relief order?

I owe about £5k and lost my job a few months ago. My only income is JSA. It does not seem likely that I will find a full time job any time soon, so I'm considering applying for a debt relief order. If I was to get a full time job i realise the DRO would be cancelled, but was wondering how many hours could i work if something came up, and keep the DRO?

How long does it take to declare yourself bankrupt

With bankruptcy what can they take?

If I am bankrupt what can they take?

Can Bailiffs take stuff from my house for court fines for my nephew..

My nephews post comes to my address we have recently had bailiffs knock the door about a court fine he owes. He doesnt have a permanently residing address hence his post coming to ours. He's not on the electoral or tenancy as he doesn't live here.

Can I work if I am bankrupt?

Can I stop a Bailiff getting into my house?

I have had letters telling me bailiff are going to come around to my home. Can I stop them taking my things? What if I don't open the door?

Will I lose my house

My mortgage is in my name only but if my husband is made bankrupt can I lose my home?

What is the minimum payment per month, by law you have to pay a debt recovery agency?

If you have offered a monthly instalment offer to a debt collection agency, even if it is a small amount, can they demand you pay a larger instalment? Even if you cannot afford that amount and they have already accepted your payment. Can they take legal action against you if do not comply, even if you have explained to them that it is more than you can afford?

Will my savings and assets be affected if my partner goes bankrupt. we live together.

Me and my partner live together and are not married. He may have to bankrupt as he has lost his job. My wages will just cover our rent and utilities and my own loan repayment. I want to know if my savings of £1000 will be affected if he goes bankrupt .

What happens if my limited company goes bankrupt owing corp tax?

Hi, Firslty, can a limited company declare bankruptcy? The company owes corp tax, but the money isn't there to pay, what happens if I declare bankruptcy, I have made no personal guarantees for the debt?

Can bailiffs take my stuff if the debts are from my son because he lives with me?

My son has always lived with me (he is now 40 years old) and he has a lot of debts (bank over draft and credit cards). He lost his job and is trying to start his own business now but finds it hard to mak payments on his credit cards. If bailiffs come will they also take my things and have they got the right to even look at my rooms in the house?

My husband has been made bankrupt. Will we lose our house.

I have just had a phone call from the Official Receiver - wishing to talk about the bankruptcy order from the Inland Revenue (in my husbands name). This was the first I knew about it. My husband has owed the Inland Revenue a lot of money for many years. He is self employed and hasn't filed tax return for 7 years.

If I was discharged from bankruptcy in Aug 2012, can I now apply to be a school governor ?

Just wondering if I am still a 'bankrupt' ??

what happens if i ignore ccj against me

i have a ccj against me after making no effort to pay the claiment after a court order was made the bailiffs have been round but i have refused entry and also ignored court letters i want to know what will happen if i keep ignoring any letters