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Please help

My daughter moved out 12yrs ago but I have received a letter for money owed to the court . I own my house so cannot show them a tenancy agreement which they are asking for so I have sent off everything else they have requested. Came home today the marathon group have been out.

secured loan

Hi I had a secured loan with Black Horse who sold this to IDEM servicing. I have check the Land register and IDEM are not registered but Black Horse still are were do i stand as i keep being pestered by IDEM

Legally separated but my (ex) husband wants to go bankrupt in the next 2 years.

Legally separated but my (ex) husband wants to go bankrupt in the next 2 years. Will I be able to keep the house or will it be taken? Our youngest child still lives with me (Aged 18 but still in full-time education) and I have severe health problems. I am legally separated (5 years) but not divorced.

Ex husband owes £160k to HMRC the debt is in his name am I liable for half

Ex husband owes £160k to HMRC the debt is in his name am I liable for half as he says Ive benefited from the money staying at home looking after the kids, is this right?

charge against a property?

How do I find out if there is a charge against a property I am considering buying and also how much that charge is?

Am I liable to pay for a shortfall debt on a reprocessed house?

Me and my ex had a house together that he has had reprocessed. I have not lived at the address since 2012 but my ex never took my name of the mortgage. One thing has lead to another and he told me the house was being reprocessed. The house is up for sale at the moment with a shortfall of £10000. Am I liable for this or does it all fall on my ex.

how does my exwife getting the house repossessed affect me

Is it legal for bailiffs to visit other residence if they know that I do not live there?

Bailiffs (HCE agents) are aware of my full-time address, which is a military camp, due to being told they cannot enter MOD property, they then started to go to my Mum's address. With the full understanding that I do not live there, and hadn't done for 3 to 4 years. Is this legal?

can i hold an SIA license whilst bankrupt?

Paying rent on someone else's behalf.

My son has just moved into a council house and has applied for housing benefits. He has been advised the benefits will not be paid for two weeks. The rent is due today so I have paid on his behalf so he wont get into a problems but now I am worried this was a wrong move. I was just worried if he didnt pay on time they could put him out. Have I done the right thing?

will they take my caravan off me for hubbys iva even though its mine?

hi I own my own static caravan I let it out to pay site fees I paid for the caravan on my credit card so nothing to do with my hubby.. now he wants to go into an iva to clear debts when we lost our home. will they take the caravan off me even though its mine and not my hubbys? so confussed and stressed over this..

My son is 13

We have got a mobility car because my son is disabled and I got a parking ticket but didn't pay no the bailiffs have been for 400 pound but it's in my sons name and he's only 13 where do I stand

My ex had debt managed with CCCS - he now wants a share of house? He declared no interest

My ex had debt that he managed with the CCCS. The mortgage was in my name. 7 years later he is now declaring an interest in the house when with the CCCS he declared he had no interest in order to gain their service. He will have committed fraud if he now declares an interest? Can he do this?

My hubby is going bankrupt will this effect me?

We lost our home nearly 3 years ago now we are renting as this is all we can afford hubby is on payment plans but now wants to go bankrupt because he will never pay the debt off.. the money he owes is all in his name.

Can a party who knew I was bankrupt but waited until I was discharged bring a claim?

I was declared bankrupt in 2006. In 2009, I incurred debts of which the creditor was notified that I was bankrupt. After I was discharged from bankruptcy the creditor then comes back trying to claim from me. Can the creditor do this?

Limited company bankruptcy

OK so my husband and buisness partner are thinking they will need to file for bankruptcy they were told when signing that as they were a limited company they would not touch personal assets is this true? We have around £60,000 equity in our home which we are currently selling this was always the plan.. What would you suggest I do?

I want to apply for a DRO but I sold my car

I want to apply for a DRO but I sold my car within the last two years and paid off a family debt. Can they check?

Can an IP in an IVA get the partners equity?

I have got c £40 000 of debt by c/cards built up over 20 years. These cards are only in my name as I married 15 years ago. I have lived in my wife's house for the last 10 years. If I go into an IVA will the IP try to get the balance out of the house equity at some time?

Secured loan

I have a secured loan with blackhorse who sold this idem services however idem are not on the land register as the second charge black horse are. What does this mean