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Iam getting married in April but wont be living with my husband, will this affect my DRO?

I am getting married in April but will be applying for a DRO in the next month or so. I live on my own and will continue to do so when I am married, will this affect my DRO?

What are the effects of Bankruptcy on a Joint Mortgage.

Just as papers were due to be signed to effect a divorce my daughters husband decided to go Bankrupt.She had not lived in their property for two years .The mortgage is in joint names can she return to the property ?She is quite able to pay mortgage.What will happen about the bankruptcy?

I have been billed for a property that I never moved into .

I viewed the property but never moved in what do I do K

Friend using my address as a c/o address as he has no fixed abode

Hi, a friend of mine used my address as a c/o address to receive post from the taxman. He has no fixed abode at present so I didn't mind. He has just received a letter from the council saying he owes them £1000 in housing benefit from his previous addresses. I opened the letter in error, because I live on my own, and had forgotten about him using the c/o. What do I do?

how much money do you have to be in debt before you can declare yourself bankrupt

is there a certain amount that you need to be in debt before you can be considered for bankruptcy

will my ex wife have to leave the property we jointly own when i go bankrupt

my ex wife still lives in the marital home, on her own, all our children are adults and have homes of their own, i am struggling financially to pay my debts there is only a small amount of mortgage left to pay.

Can I transfer our house to my wife's name

I am being pursued for a directors loan after insolvency I want to move our house into my wife's name only so that they can't kick us out of our house We have a very bad credit rating after the insolvency and will not be able to buy another house Any advice accepted to help us with this difficult situation Thanks Sean

I am facing bankruptcy and live in a caravan. will the OR take it from me?

Hi...I live in a caravan due to recent relationship breakdown with my childrens mum. (mainly because of money troubles) im having to go bankrupt due to owing HMRC monies. Does anyone know if the OR will take my caravan as an asset and sell it to pay of monies owed. The caravan is worth only 4k in comparison to a 60k debt.

I am disabled and rely on my car to get around and for my work can they take it off me?

I use the car for my work whas I work from different locations I cannot use public transport as I have fallen previously whilst on transport also I would not be able to get to two venues without catching two buses. Furthermore I have to have a car that is quite high up as I struggle to get in and out of smaller low down cars.

where can i find out if someone has been declared bankrupt

I need this for LPA which i Understand if declared cannot become an attorny- not on site .

does my boyfriends bankruptcy effect me

my boyfriend wants to move in, I own my own home. he wants to go bankrupt. will I be effected

credit card debt

my daughter who lives with us has a large credit card debt she has had letters but has not answered them if the baillifs come can they take my belongings to pay her debt

I'm about to get a CCJ thats been instigated by Cabbot Financial cont....

over un paid credit card bill of 16k. i live at my late grandfathers house and my post comes here. what would happen if a bailiff knocked on the door?

My bankruptcy has taken 3 years to be discharged.

I was made bankrupt in 2012 and notified the Official Receiver of changes to my circumstances (assets left after my property was sold) in 2014. Official Receivers have been administrating my case since 2014 and notified me on June 29 2016 that they have now contacted creditors and given up to 10 August 2016 for response.

Joint Mortgage application if one person has bad credit.

My partner has a perfect credit score with savings of approx £11k. I will be discharged from a debt relief order in October. My question is would anyone consider a joint mortgage application?

What steps do I have to take to get a discharge on an old bankruptcy