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My ex has debt on my credit card

My ex owes money on my credit card he took responsibility to repay the debt which I have emails to prove he's been paying from his account for two years but has now stopped and I don't know what to do can I get the debt transferred into his name, when I contact him he says he'll sort it but hasn't

Is there help to sell a house that has fines on it?

My friend lives in Wellingburough and he is in a very bad place. He currently has stage 2 lunch cancer, his family is all gone and all he has is the house. Now, he has been unemployed now for over 2 years and has no income. His treatments have stopped because he cannot afford them. However, he cannot sell the house because there is a 3,000 plus pound fine.

What happens to shortfall if house is reposses

My house was repossed in 1991,i handed in the keys and never heard anything more, the hiuse was sold then rented out, im sure it wàs sold for a lot more tham i owed on the property,is there anything i can do to find out?

My ex had a Ccj put onto our joint mortgage

Who is liable for the debt if I sell the house

Can an iva request a life insurance payout?

Going bankrupt

I'm considering bankruptcy as my business is failing. Our home is in my husbands name only and I don't contribute to it in any way. Will my husband lose his house if I do go bankrupt?

Is someone who went bankrupt in 2014 able to be involved in franchise?

Do I have a good chance of keeping my home?

My Ex partner (Not Married) has not been living with me for 13 years. We have a joint mortgage. I have since remarried and my husband is living with me in the property. I have only just found out that my Ex has been made Bankrupt back in January 2016. I knew nothing of this,nobody has contacted me.

My DRO ends in Oct, how soon after would my partner and I be able to apply for a mortgage?

My partner has fantastic credit yet i do not. Is there companies out there that would consider our situation

How can I hold off balliffs for non payment of tv licence fine

I got home today and there was a letter from Marsdons balliffs. I rang the guy up explaining i'm a single parent on benefits and don't have £450 to pay him off. I offered payment plan to which he says he won't accept less than £50 a week which I still won't beable to afford. He then said he'll give me 48hrs to ask family & friends for £200 then give me 2wks to find the rest.

Legally what jobs can a discharged for 6 years bankrupt do?

I have found insurance companies are unavailable or anything concerning money having to declare have you at any time been bancrupt? Immediately means in the bin! Even with over 40 years experience.

Need help with a supposed bailiff.

My disabled son's disabled girlfriend was made homeless by her so called friend and is sofa surfing at mine until the council can find her somewhere appropriate. She has just been told that she can't have her stuff back as the bailiffs have taken it. She has no reciept or bailiff company name as they are "in the post" .

Can a debt be transferred to a different name?

A few years ago my mum took out two phone contracts in my name and while I was working abroad ran up a debt of £850 which I knew nothing about until I came back a year later to letters from a debt agency. I then got my mum to set up payments to repay the debt which after one month she stopped and I am back in the same position.

Will my boyfriend be affected by my bad credit if he moves in with me?

I currently have a defaulted IVA from a number of years ago. I have just sent for my credit reports but if what is still outstanding is more than I can deal with I am thinking of applying for a DRO.

My dad signed as a guarantor for friends we don't know, how is my mum affected?

My dad is leading a separate life but still lives with my mum, they have both taken early retirement. He has signed for a guarantor for a family who none of us know and put down a £3000 deposit. They have now defaulted on their rent and he has so far paid 6 months rent. Is there any way to get him off of the guarantor and is my mum liable for the debt?

Landlord chasing money to partner - is anyone else liable?

Hi there. I was wondering if someone could please help me regarding a situation my partner is in. If someone (my partner) signs an agreement to get out of a lease early (personal guarantee) and agrees to pay an amount for a certain number of months, and they honour this but on one occasion cannot pay, is it legally possible for the landlord to come after the person who owes the money partner

My wife's Undeclared overdraft

I have applied for and been granted an IVA to pay off £18,000 of debt (all cards and debt is in my name only). I have given them all my creditor details plus overdrafts etc. Now recently I find out from my wife that she has a personal account with a £2,400 overdraft (at full capacity).

My ex hb was made bankrupt. Does TIB have claim over equity in the house?

note that the property was in my sole name and I made all mortgage repayments. We never had any jointly held assets.