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Hello I've received a ccj help please?

Hello I've received a ccj stating I need to pay 50 a month I'm on benefit and can't afford it what can I do ?

I am a disabled war pensioner and my carer damaged her phone by accident. 2

As I have to keep in constant contact with her I got another phone (on contract). I called Three to ask if they would accept a reduced payment in respect of the destroyed phone (£53 pcm). They said they would accept a reduced payment of £48 pcm. Hardly compassionate assistance. What can I do?

can i do a debt relif order to clear my rent arrears with a private landlord

I was made bankrupt in 2007 and discharged 10 months later.

I was made bankrupt in 2007 and discharged 10 months later. I am now hoping to lend my daughter a small amount towards her mortgage. Ive been asked to complete a form stating that I have no future claim on the property. But the form asks are you or have you ever been bankrupt. I don't want to disclose this as it may affect her mortgage application, which has been difficult to say the least.

Bankruptcy and mortgages

Can you house be in jeopardy if you are going bankrupt but your not on the mortgage but you name is on the deed?

high court enforcement bailiffs come to my work please

Hello I had an enforcement bailiffs call me on the work phone yesterday he was at my home I ask him to call me on my mobile. I expand that I did not know about this but I was on the breadline I have a car on HP that is whiting to go back I have a car the I drive that I have borrowed form a friend and he was going to take that I advice him I could not pay at this time and left it like that 30

can a postman keep his job if bankrupt

can i put part of a private limited company into bancruptcy etc

Company 123 ltd trading as abc Company 123 ltd trading as xyz Can I put xyz into receivership even if ABC still viable?

Transaction Under Value (TUV) after Bankruptcy

In May 2016 i applied for an unsecured personal loan.

Can I transfer payment order to second defendant?

An ex-tenant has stopped paying the agreed instalments on a CCJ for rent arrears. Is it possible to have the debt transferred to the guarantor (who was found jointly liable for the arrears)?

Bankruptcy& property

My husband & I live in a house where he is the sole person on the mortgage. He pays it in full as I am self employed & could not get a mortgage. If I went bankrupt would he & our children lose their home? We previously had a house with a joint mortgage which was sold when he moved away for work. He brought our current property himself. Thanks

Can i be charged with fraud at 15?

First of all before you read this please make sure you read in full detail and understand my query, please do not answer my question with any bad advice or stupid answers i need to know facts and real help.

Debt Relief Order - Owning 2 Cars (1 SORN)

I'm filling for a debt relief order... I currently have 2 cars registered to my name... one worth about 150-200 that is on the road and another that is SORN which if it was working worth around 1500... but major components in it have gone and in its current state it would be worth a few hundred as spares and repair...

How can I stop debt collection coming for ex husband if he no longer lives here

There is an outstanding debt for sky in my ex husbands name I don't use sky anymore. He cancelled it but I don't think they said anything. At the time I was just the bill payer not account holder. Yet they are threatening debt collectors now. I don't speak to ex what happens now?

Will they take the money from the house? Help

Hi My husbands business is struggling at the moment which is a partnership with buisness parner.. i have had nothing to do with buisness at all. we are due to sell our house and I'm looking to find out what will happen to the equity money if my husbands buisness goes under after we sell.. ? Our plans were to rent for a while until we found another house..

How long after the end of a Dro will my account be unfrozen

My Dro has ended but I still can't transfer any money out of my savings account. Why is this

Bailiff wants to take my stuff and debt is in ex husbands name

Some bailiffs came to my house today to recover goods in relation to my ex husbands debt, we separated 2 yrs ago and he has never lived here, can they do.that?

DRO effected now I've moved into a mortgaged property.

I had my DRO granted 7 months but I need to update my address with the OR. My financial circumstances are the same however my husband bought a house for our family to move into (I am obviously not on the mortgage) so wondered if this would effect my DRO?