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Marstons walked in my house on saarday for a payment of a fine, I did not have this therefore they said they will take goods away. I have nothing of value therefore I said take the goods. They looked around the house and there is nothing of value.

Can bailiffs go to my place of work and take my belongings that are stored there?

I have been on sick leave for over a year, but am still classed as employed on a zero hours contract. Prior to this, following a court order, i was paying £10 per month off a debt. Since being on sick i have reduced this payment to £2 (without authorisation to do so). I have inadvertently let slip to the creditor that i have stored an expensive item at my place of work. Can the creditor get th

my ex wife has got debet in my name

but i dont want to report her for fraud as its my kids that will suffer what can i do

Can baliffs take goods from my house with a warrant issued at other address

My boyfriend owes fine's for driving offence's. THE warrant is made out to his mother's address she told them he now lives hear but it's not true all though he doe's stop over on ocations can the bailiffs remove stuff from my home. I have scraped up the cash and paid them and have now seen that the warrant was made out to his mother's address. can I claim the money back.

If a shareholder has debts outside the business can it affect ltd co?


My boyfriends lives me but is not registeted nor pays any of the household bills etc he his registered at his mums address and in part also lives there. I have had bailiffs at my address what do I do

Can I stop loan companies lending to my son?

My 24 year old son has sadly developed a serious drug habit. He seems to be funding this by taking out endless loans from companies such as Wonga, Piggybank etc. He is not really working and has no proper income. He therefore repeatedly defaults on these loans and is accruing eye watering interest. He has his head completely in the sand about this.

debt collecters and a ex partners debt

me and my Ex-apartner split up 14months ago so does not live at my address anymore, he has his car on HP Finance and still in my address and i keep telling him to change his address but to this day still hasnt done so.

My brother is using my mother's address to have all his debts sent there.

My brother has never lived at my mother's address, what can she do if Bailiff's turn up at her door as she has no proof or knowledge of his current address? Can she refuse them entry and if so what section of the law covers her for this? Is there any preventative measure she can take?

My house can never be sold as there is a historic charge against it.

I have been told by Nationwide and the Land Registry that my house can never be sold as there is a historic charge against it. The charge was never removed after a loan taken out against it was repaid, and the person whose name is on the charge has disappeared. Any ideas as to how I could sell my house?

Ex partner has gone bankrupt how does this affect me?

Any help would be appreciated. My ex partner is still named on the mortgage on a house we bought in 2009....she left in 2011 since which time I have continued paying the mortgage and all other house related bills as I wanted to keep the house after we split as she wanted to move out Of the house and area.

What jobs can't I do with a DRO

Can I apply for a job and take on the responsibility of cashing up and banking the money. Also can I apply for personal independence payment otherwise known as disability living allowance

Selling a property with a secured loan

My husband and I have separated, we have a secured loan against our property, he is now forcing me to sell the house as neither of us can afford to keep it on. We have never not paid the loan or the mortgage, I don't know what all the procedures are are or what to do?

Bk ended 8 years ago, do I need to apply to get it removed from my records

Since going bankrupt I have not been able to get credit cards, loans, finance etc, and yet I make all my bill payments regular and on time, so if I am always going to be held back and judged on my past how can I ever move on, what do I need to do to get it removed and stop pulling me back.

What can bailiffs take??

I live in a rented property. It's fully furnished including the TVs in the property. I have my tenancy agreement with all the furniture and things that were here when we moved in listed on it. Can high court enforcement officers still to take the TVs for example even though they are listed on my tenancy as being my landlords....

marid couple 68 65 coming to end of iva with own house what hapens

Ccj in previous tenants name and bailiffs coming

I opened a letter yesterday in a previous tenants name as it was a court addresses letter and I worry about things of that nature , anyway it's for an unpaid ccj and they are sending bailiffs out under a warrant of control , having read some real horror stories online I lay awake near all night worrying , I know this isn't my debt but what if they force their way in , what can I do before this get

I have been watching can't Pay Won't pay.

I have been watching can't Pay Won't pay. If my new partner moves in with me - and his ex-girlfriend of 17 years, gets the baliffs out eg. orders of the highest court etc., and he cant pay - can they take my goods eg., Tv etc., if I haven't got a receipt?