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Income payment orders, what are they?

I have read that if I go Bankrupt then I will need to have an Income Payment Order. What is it?

IVA and debit card, can I have one?

Can I have a debit card if I have an IVA?

I have an IVA but need a car

How long does it take to declare yourself bankrupt

How do you know when to go bankrupt

My credit rating and an IVA, how bad will it become?

If I go for an IVA will it destroy my credit rating?

With bankruptcy what can they take?

If I am bankrupt what can they take?

I am unable to pay my mortgage what are my options

I can't pay my mortgage. Will I lose my house? What are my options?

Inheritance and bankruptcy

I have been made bankrupt and am expecting an inheritance from a family member that may die soon. Can I keep the inheritance?

Bank accounts for bankrupts, are there any?

Are there any bank accounts specifically for bankrupts?

Can you have a bank account if you are made bankrupt?

Can someone please tell me whether you can have a bank account if you are made bankrupt. I need to pay my wages in.

How to go bankrupt - can someone tell me?

Can someone please tell me how to go bankrupt

Which debt management company should we use?

How long after bankruptcy can I have a cheque book?

Bankruptcy and joint mortgages, what law?

I have a joint mortgage with my wife. If I am made bankrupt what happens to the house?

Bankruptcy and pensions - do I keep my pension?

Do I keep my pension if I am made bankrupt?

Can I work if I am bankrupt?

Can I still have a mortgage if bankrupt?

Can I get a mortgage if I have been made bankrupt?

House repossession - can it be prevented?

My mortgage company want to repossess my house. How can I stop them? I don't have the money they are asking for.

Will I lose my house

My mortgage is in my name only but if my husband is made bankrupt can I lose my home?