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IVA and Property

Please can you tell me the situation regarding another property other than the one you are living in. I am paying a mortgage for my own house but also paying a mortgage for my retired mother in law. The house is in joint names (mother in law and myself). SHe is the sole occupier of the house.

What is the quickest way to pay of a credit card

Cut it up, throw it in the bin and set up a direct debit with your bank

Can creditor force sale if charge put on property in shared ownership property

i am in a shared owner property with a housing association and have been issued a CCJ for £17k the original loan £15k they are now threatening to put charge on property which i own 45% my equity is only around £21k at the moment would they force a sale im currently not working and wonder if selling best option but would leave me with nothing as have othr debts of £23k I

if my wife owns the property which we live can she be forced to sell?

Will I have enough money to live if I go for an IVA?

How much will I be left with to live on if an IVA is accepted? How poor will I be?

Can I keep my home if my IVA is accepted?

Can the bailiff take things that are not mine?

I don't own all the things in my flat. The TV is my sisters, the microwave my mums. Can the bailiffs take them?

Can I stop a Bailiff getting into my house?

I have had letters telling me bailiff are going to come around to my home. Can I stop them taking my things? What if I don't open the door?

How bad will my credit rating be if I am made bankrupt?

Can I have a bank account and a debit card if I am in an IVA?

Bank Account and IVA - do they go together?

What happens if I lose my job whilst in an IVA?

Can I keep my home with an IVA?

IVA Car - I need my car for work. Can I keep it with an IVA?

Can I keep my car with an IVA?

How will an IVA affect my credit rating?

IVA Credit Rating - what's the affect of an IVA on my credit rating?

Joint IVA

Can my wife and I have a joint IVA?

IVA Pay - How much do I pay with IVA?

I understand my debt will be reduced but can't work out how I will pay with an IVA.

IVA Cost - How much does an IVA cost?

IVA cost how much? I can't afford to pay for it.