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can I get a mortgage after bankruptcy?

I have just left my job and took a consolidation loan out in Nov. Can they do me for fraud?

I took a consolidation loan out in Nov. If I was to go for Bankrutsy, can I get done for fraud?

Am I entitled to a housing grant?

I am a lone parent, unemployed soon to be moving into a unfurnished flat, with no furniture of my own.

I live with my girlfriend and unemployed can they take anything out her house

I am in a trust deed but i lost my job over 6 months now they are taking me to court (sequestration) but I get no money from the goverment what will happen will I need to leave my partner and kids so they can take anything out her house

what information can a creditor ask for

can they take goods form a ltd company that belongs to me?

Bankruptcy, company going bankrupt and house in negative equity

My husband and myself run a pub as a limited company. It is a real possibility that we will have to go bankrupt this year. As joint directors and share holders we have a house which is mortgaged and i just wondered what would happen with this and whether it will be repossessed/siezed.

What powers does a recovery company field agent have?

Can you tell me how much power field agents have from a debt collection agency iam worried as i have been sent a letter saying that they will send these people round to my address to collect a outstanding debt

Can you go bankrupt if you are employed?

Can a commercial Landlord make me personally bankrupt?

I am personally liable for a 15 year lease on a commercial premises, the shop due to current financial situation is making a loss so I need to surrender the lease which they won't agree to, I own a house but am in negative equity and have no savings just a car worth about £5000 I think, and jointly own the house with my partner whom earns very little, what should I do?

can i get a mortgage with an IVA?

I am just going into my 3rd year of my IVA, will I be able to get a mortgage before the end of the repayments?

Can a bailiff take 16yo son's possessions?

can a creditor ask me for more money than what i owe on my ccj

i received a ccj telling me i owe one amount, and the creditor is telling me i owe a different amount which is considerably higher. They said this was because they only put a part claim in to keep costs down and i still have to pay the rest. Can they do this?

i have been discharged from bankruptcy for six years, can i train to become an accountant

or a book keeper, are there any restrictions , i.e. cannot be a chartered accountant etc..

does gregory penington have a good reputation

Being charged by to separate debt collector

I had a credit card with MBNA, unfortunately I had a stroke and was unable to pay the normal charges I wrote to MBNA explaining this and offering to pay what I could.

Can I join police with an iva?