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Can I stop a Bailiff getting into my house?

I have had letters telling me bailiff are going to come around to my home. Can I stop them taking my things? What if I don't open the door?

How bad will my credit rating be if I am made bankrupt?

Can I have a bank account and a debit card if I am in an IVA?

Bank Account and IVA - do they go together?

What happens if I lose my job whilst in an IVA?

Can I keep my home with an IVA?

IVA Car - I need my car for work. Can I keep it with an IVA?

Can I keep my car with an IVA?

How will an IVA affect my credit rating?

IVA Credit Rating - what's the affect of an IVA on my credit rating?

Joint IVA

Can my wife and I have a joint IVA?

IVA Pay - How much do I pay with IVA?

I understand my debt will be reduced but can't work out how I will pay with an IVA.

IVA Cost - How much does an IVA cost?

IVA cost how much? I can't afford to pay for it.