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How to go bankrupt - can someone tell me?

Can someone please tell me how to go bankrupt

Which debt management company should we use?

How long after bankruptcy can I have a cheque book?

Bankruptcy and joint mortgages, what law?

I have a joint mortgage with my wife. If I am made bankrupt what happens to the house?

Bankruptcy and pensions - do I keep my pension?

Do I keep my pension if I am made bankrupt?

Can I work if I am bankrupt?

Can I still have a mortgage if bankrupt?

Can I get a mortgage if I have been made bankrupt?

House repossession - can it be prevented?

My mortgage company want to repossess my house. How can I stop them? I don't have the money they are asking for.

Will I lose my house

My mortgage is in my name only but if my husband is made bankrupt can I lose my home?

If I personally go bankrupt will the ltd co I am director of have its assets seized?

I am the only employee of the company. My assets are primarily van, tools and laptop.

After bankruptcy - what happens?

After bankruptcy what will happen to my life, bank account, job, car, home, clothes, TV .....

Repossession – how do I keep my home from being repossessed?

I have missed mortgage repayments and am in arrears. I don't want to be repossessed. Is it possible to stop my mortgage company and the courts from evicting me and repossessing my house?

Can I get car finance if in an IVA?

Debt management programs. Are they the same as a Debt Management Plan?

Are debt management programs the same as a debt management plan? I watched Channel 4 news and they talked about programmes not plans.

Free debt management - who offers free debt management?

I know that some debt management companies charge. Who offers free debt management?

Debt management credit counseling - who offers it?

I am looking to find a credit counseling service to talk to me about Debt Management. Who's good? Anyone had experience of Debt Management?

Where can I get help filling out all the bankruptcy forms

How can I improve my Credit Rating?

I applied for a credit card and I have been turned down. How do I improve my Credit Rating?

What is a Notice of Disassociation?

Can you tell me what a notice of disassociation is and how to get one?

What is Credit Scoring? What is my Credit Score?

I know my Credit Score is important. What is a Credit Score?