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Can an offer of payment stop a statutory demand for bankruptcy?

What happens to the house if I only recently become a joint owner?

if i went bankrupt soley myself through unsecured debts i.e credit cards and overdrafts and buisiness debts partly from previous address and partly from home adress.with having a joint mortage with my wife of which i have only been on mortage for 2 years 6 months. previously my wife has had the mortage on own for 13 years.

What assets can bailiffs seize from the directors home addresses if they go bankrupt

Bailiffs have turned up at our home address to seize assets as we are directors of a limited company. can thet take anything as this is not the business address.

I have a car worth £19000 and I am going to go bankrupt. Can I opt to keep the car?

If I loose the car through bankrupcy, I will not be able to afford to buy another. However, I could keep up the monthly payment on the car. What would be the position on this?

About to go through bankruptcy, how long before I loose my house?

I am about to go bankrupt and have been advised it is likely I will loose the house as I have no assets and negative equity, how long before I loose the house and need to move out of the property?

What does having my bank ac frozen mean, will I have no access to my wages? & for how long?

I am in process of going bankrupt, and heard my bank account will be frozen, does this mean I will not have access to any money that I am paid whilst they are frozen? Should I open a basic bank account and get my monies paid in there, or would this then be frozen also when the bankrupcy process begins?

does my partners income affect my bankruptcy

if i become bankrupt does my partners income who lives with me affect my situation re how much i have to repay etc??

I have a 50% share of a house with a morgage The co owner is about to become bankrupt.

I have a 50% share of a house with a morgage The co owner is about to become bankrupt.If the reciever takes half the house and I am unable to make an offer to buy the other half what happens to my half of the house.

If my partner is goes bankrupt and then we get married can I get a mortgage?

can i rent a house if i am bankrupt

I`ve got unsecured debt in my name only would my wife be liable if I make myself bankrupt

I have £45K of unsecured debt to 5 creditors. In my name only that I had before we got married.

How long is it be for i can work for a bank after going bankrupt

my boss has just told me to take 2 wkks off with no pay can he do this

i went bankrupt over a year ago-can i train to be an accountant?

Parked in Homebase Watford, got G24 Civil Traffic Enf. Notice. Is this legit & do I hv 2 pay

I had not seen (and have still not) any notice about parking limitations and was shocked to get a G24 Ltd Civil Traffic Enforcement Notice for £95 for parking 20 mins over their 2hr limit. It says if I pay within 14 days I only have to pay £75.

I am facing bankruptcy but my house is in negative equity, do i lose my home?

i am personally connected to a shop lease, the shop is now making quite a loss and the LandLords refuse to discuss a rent reduction with the current financial climate, so i am forced to close the shop and no longer can afford the rent amount.

i live with my partner who owns his house, will it be affected if i go bankrupt

I moved in with my partner in june 08, we are on benefits and he owns his house and pays mortgage, i need to go bankrupt, will his house be affected. My name isnt on the deeds or mortgage and we have no joint debts,

can debt collectors chase a 16 year old.she signed up for a free trial now owes £100

my daughter was 15 and signed up for a months free trial for aol. after the first month they took the payments out of her bank even though she didnt have any money going in. so now the bank are writing to say she owes £60 and aol are saying she owes them £40 because the bank have not paid the last two months.