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My lodger has debt problems. Does this affect me? He is registered at this address.

My lodger does not have his name linked to me financially but he is registered at this address. I am not sure how this will affect me.

If I work for a bank what happens?

I dont have a contract with 3G can the bailief force me to pay

I phone up to councilled my mobile contract with 3G , 30 days before the end of the contract but they still keep sending me bills and I have rang them up several times to sort it out but they want to offer me a cheap deal so that I keep the contract. I do not want it because I am struggling to pay up my rent and other bills .

My wifes got £20k in my account. Will she loose it if I go bankrupt?cant easily prove hers

Long story short(ish). About 6 years ago I bought a number of shares in different companies. A couple of years later my girlfriend (now wife) bought some of the shares in one company off me with her divorce settlement money. She lost custody of her kids so the shares were kept in my name due to possible csa complications.

What assets can be siezed

I am considering bankruptcy having accumulated £32,000 of unsecured personal debt. I now cann't afford the minimum payments and am struggling to pay my creditors. Having spoken to national debt helpline I fall outside their criteria for a debt management plan and/or IVA and was advised to consider bankruptcy.

does going bankrupt affect everyone in my households credit?

how can you declare youself bankrupt when your unemployed

My partner owns her own home. I have serious debts & people chasing me. Will she lose house?

I have lots of unsecured debts in my name only. i failed an IVA about 18 months ago and only a couple of the creditors are chasing me. Why are they not chasing me?? Also I have met a new girlfriend and moved in last week. I have been told they could make me bankrupt and claim her house! is this true, if so I will have to move out. Please need advice urgently Thankyou

if I enter an IVA can the baliffs still come

If I become bankrupt and my house has negative equity will my mortage company let me stay

I have been advised that I should go into bankruptcy in order to clear my debts. I have an interest only mortage. The property is now in negative equity. I have kept up with my mortage payments and have no arrears, my question is would the receiver allow me to keep my house, and would my mortage company also allow me to continue paying the mortage even though I was bankrupt?

Can I sell my home while paying an IVA

can i change bank accounts whilst in an iva

wot happens to my iva if i get pregnant and dont work

if i am bankrupt can i be a partner in a business?

can you get a bank account if you are unemployed and have bad debt?

Can they have a claim on my partners house????

I have debts of approx 45k. They are all unsecured and i have no assetts. I failed an IVA approx 15 months ago and only a couple of the creditros seem to be chasing me. I have met a new partner who has her own mortgaged house. I have just moved in. Can they have a claim on the house??? We have no financial connection. Can i say i just lodge their?? Someone has mentioned beneficial interest???