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CSA isnt taking into consideration the length ov time l was on sick

l got a csa bill through door to weeks ago, they are taking 95 a week of me 59 is back payment, l got rushed into hospital on 17th december got operated on 20th with 2 prolapsed discs, l phoned csa when l got my bill through to see if they would take the 5 weeks statutory sick pay into consideration, they told me l should ov informed them in dec when l was in hosp on morphine and 3 weeks before a

Can my wife be liable for my debts?

I am about to go bankrupt and I have debts owing around £120,000. I have no assets of my own but wife owns a home where I reside. There is no mortgage to the house and I have never contributed towards the purchase of the house which was around 10 years. Can the debtors make my wife accountable for my debts?

My boyfried bought a flat togeter with his mate 2 years ago. The 2 year fixed rate is about

My boyfriend bought a flat together with his mate 2 years ago. His mate can no longer keep up repayments. He has moved out to live with his girlfriend and is going to declare himself bankrupt. My boyfriend cannot afford to take on the whole mortgage and due to my financial circumstances I cannot afford to take over his mates share of the mortgage.

Can you declare bankrupcy if you are an athlete working overseas?

My fiance is going bankrupt and we are getting married in 2 months.

My fiance is going bankrupt (unsecured debt) and we are getting married in 2 months, Once we become married do any of her creditors have any right to investigate my earnings/business or take more money from her as they will assume that i will pay more for her? Everything is seperate and i own everything outright, we also dont have any joint accounts etc. Thanks

I have mortage, but can not pay any more, when my house will be repossessed?What it means?

When they will take my house, do I have to pay them more?

how do you declare bankrupcy

can i change the date i pay my iva

What are the first steps to make myself bankcrupt

Me and my partner have over 45k of debt and both been made redundant. We are already in a debt programme and we have being paying £70 per week for the last 2 years to be debt free in 10 years. Since then we have acquired more debt, and now unable to get any more credit. We have both decided we want to go bankcrupt, get it all written off.

My house completed 3 mths ago. I've now been asked to resign contracts my sols have lost?

I recently purchased a house in Kings Hill. This completed on the 24/10/08. My solicitors were useless and I had to constantly chase them in order to ensure that the transaction went through. Having been living in my new home for three months I have had to contact my solicitors again due to their errors.

where can we get help to stop being evicted from rented property

How much debt do i have to be in to go bankrupt?

My income changes alot month to month due to commission, how will this affect my bankruptcy?

I work as a customer account manager (non financial industry) on good months I could have earned an extra £800 per month in my wages. Our business is drastically down now due to the recession and I don't think i will be able to reach my targets.

how do i find out if already been made bankrupt?

i am a police officer do i have to declare an IVA to them?