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Can I have a joint mortgage if I have a debt management plan

I am in dispute with a builder who is threatening to make me bankrupt what rights do I have?

I am in dispute about work carried out by a builder, and a Debt Collector is now threatening to make me bankrupt. I have responded to the Debt Collector's letters but they do not acknowledge my replies and continue to act as if I'd never responded. How does the process of being made bankrupt work for the debtor? Do I get a hearing or am I made bankrupt without any consultation?

I have been paying 2 ccj's for about 15 years now, what would happen if i stopped paying

I have been paying 2 ccj's for about 15 years now (£5 month on each one) I will be dead before the debt is cleared so what would happen if i just stopped paying now? I am about to move house soon, would this help?

can i set up a direct debit to stop bailiffs removing my goods

bailiffs are coming to remove my goods is there anyway i can set up another payment plan i.e direct debit i am a single parent unemployed

Can I sign a new rental agreement when I have 2 defaults on my credit report?

Can I sign a new rental agreement for a house if I have 2 defaults on my credit report. I am also under debt management at the moment.

can i get car finance if i have an iva?

Can I continue working as a Driving Instructor after Bankruptcy?

I am coming to the end of training and hope to begin working soon after being out of work for over a year. I believe that you can not own a business or franchise if you have declared yourself or been declared backrupt. Do the same rules apply to being self employed, within a larger organisation.

I am just over a year into my iva and have found out im pregnant

what happens to joint loans?

I have a joint loan with my wife and i am considering going bankrupt, i have much more debt than her. What will happen with the joint loan?

Is bankruptcy my only option?

I am currently in a debt management plan and one of my creditors have now got a charge on my house. I also have a bank overdraft from a failed business i was involved in. I am now seiously considering going bakrupt however i really don't want to lose my home. if i go bankrupt will the charge be taken into consideration when the Official reciever looks at equity in my home?

Will my savings and assets be affected if my partner goes bankrupt. we live together.

Me and my partner live together and are not married. He may have to bankrupt as he has lost his job. My wages will just cover our rent and utilities and my own loan repayment. I want to know if my savings of £1000 will be affected if he goes bankrupt .

are all my debts written off if i go bankrupt, even family ones?

I went bankrupt last year but I owe a family member £5000, can I be taken to court for this. I was told I couldn't include personal debts on my bankrupcy application. I am unemployed and have no means to pay back any of the money yet. Also if i move in with my girlfriend can she be liable for my debts or it affect her credit rating in anyway?

i borrowed cash from a friend they now tell me they have sold it on, can this be done

i borrowed money from a friend they say now they cant wait any longer for the money and that they have sold the debt on, can this be done and how do i find out who it has been sold to as they wont tell me? i am worried it has been sold to someone that will turn up to beat me up ?

my son has just moved back in with me after racking up debts, can they take my possesions?

its my home, I own it and everything in it, my other sons live here with there own possessions, the son who moved back moved back with nothing but the clothes on his back so, can bailifs after outstanding council tax take anything out of my home??

IVA in my name only. If my wife gets full time job, what percentage will they want?

I have just started an IVA in my name only. My wife works part time at present but is looking for a job with more hours. What percentage of this will they want to take towards the IVA. Nothing is in my wifes name although they have already taken her part time job into consideration. Is it worth her getting a better job? Would I have to tell them that she is earning more money?