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post iva debt

i have accrued a business debt since my iva and now they are sending the bailiffs, what can they take as the business has closed and they are coming to my house but i live with my mother in law

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Re: post iva debt

If your Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is still in place then you may need to speak to your insolvency practice about making payments to this debt and how it may affect your IVA. If your IVA has completed you may need to speak to a debt adviser to establish more information about the type of business and business debt that you are struggling to pay. In general you do not have to allow the bailiffs into the house, whether it is yours or your mother in laws property, and bailiffs will only have the ability to take into control your items. Without additional information it would be difficult to advise on how best to approach dealing with this debt.

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