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IVA Cost - How much does an IVA cost?

IVA cost how much? I can't afford to pay for it.

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IVA Cost

IVA costs is a really common IVA question as it's one of those debt solutions that is often thought to be too good to be true. The short answer is there should be no IVA Cost to you. This is why.

All debt companies and non-profit organisations charge for arranging and managing an IVA  but their fees are taken from your dramatically reduced monthly repayments. So in terms of an IVA cost, it would be true to say that:

Your Creditors Are Really Paying The Fees Not You.

Some IVA companies will try and charge these fees regardless of whether your IVA is accepted. There are plenty that don't however so don't worry. It’s advisable to ask this question before going ahead with an IVA company and only apply for an IVA through companies that won’t charge you. 

Would you like us to recommend a company that won't charge you fees?

Speak to one of our recommended debt advice charities to find a suitable solution for your situation. >>



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