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wholesale Semi Automatic Paint Can Machine

Hydraulic pre-curling and flanging machine This machine is used for pre-curling and flanging the 20 L pail can body. Model:GT3TB20 Capacity:15cans/min Thickness:?0.5mm Diameter:210-300mm Height:270-455mm Power:5.5kw Net Weight:900kgs Dimension:1300x780x1750mm 1). It is specifically used for 15-25L Pail can Flanging. 2). The hydraulic parts brand is KOMPASS 3). The electronic component: SCHNEIDER/ OMRON 4). Some of molds select the high alloy steel(Cr12MoV) and quenching(60-62HRC) 5). Motor: Siemens Assisted by advanced equipment and technology, Jiujiang Yongxin has been engaged in hydrualic tin drum can precurling and flanging machine since 2005 and we're known as one of the largest tin can machine manufacturers in China. Welcome to wholesale the highly precise machine with cheap price from our factory.wholesale Semi Automatic Paint Can Machine website:

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