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When Can I become a Managing Director of a PLC company?

Dear Sir/Madam  I was made Bankrupt some 17 months ago with your guidance to help me complete the procedure.I am still working hard to get myself back on track and having secured a good job for a year now I have the opportunity of applying for a role of Transport managers role within my company but am concerned that as one of the requirements is to be 'A person of good repute' which says bankruptcy is taken into account I am worried. I am concerned my progression within the company is limited.Should I get my promotion I will need to sit exams which VOSA (Vehicle operators standards agency) say can be done but only with "The courts permission" can this be authorised. Should I pass the exams I have an opportunity in the middle of 2018 to push for another promotion to become the company's MD. Being an MD I believe is not allowed by bankruptcy unless agreed by the court. In conclusion I am not sure what all the phrases "The courts permissions" actually means. Can you advise please as I am keen to keep progressing but do not want to mention my Bankruptcy to more people than I need to. Yours Sincerely Mr Atkins

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