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How long does it take to declare yourself bankrupt

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How long does it take to declare yourself bankrupt

The answer is not very long if you're are going to petition for bankruptcy yourself. You can read a more detailed answer to this question if you click bankruptcy what you need to know.

Here's part of the article:

You can bring you own petition for bankruptcy. The steps are:

  1. You go to your local county court to get the necessary paperwork
  2. You complete the paperwork and ask for a bankruptcy hearing
  3. You take the form and cash to the hearing and after spending a few minutes before the court a bankruptcy order will be made

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Re: How long does it take to declare yourself bankrupt

Further to the above - it depends where you live. Some courts are larger than others and some are busier. If you live in the London you would use the High Court and generally there is no waiting list at all. I would phone your local County Court and ask them. If you want to know where your local court with jurisdiction for bankruptcy is please email me at the Debt Advice Foundation by clicking on my name.

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