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In debet and parents house threatened with bailiffs

Basically I owe a company money. I am studying abroad and they have threatened to send bailiffs to my parents house even though I am not registered there anymore. Is there anything they can actually do. I am not sure whether I am still registwred to vote there or not.

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Re: In debet and parents house threatened with bailiffs

Enforcement agents act on the court orders they receive. The order will tell them where to go to and who they are asking for, it will state how much has to be paid and the enforcement agent acts within the powers that the law allows for that particular type of debt. It would be difficult to advise on the actions that they can take as the type of enforcement is not known but you may find the information here useful: If they do call at the house your parents will have to identify themselves to the bailiff, to prove they are not you, and may need to provide proof that you do not live there. If they are able to gain access to the property and attempt to take goods into control then your parents will have to prove ownership of those items. You will need to deal with the debt itself by paying in full, setting up an arrangement to pay or you could apply to the court to suspend the action. This process would be different depending on the type of enforcement so it may be best to contact a free debt adviser and discuss in greater detail for advice on this.

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