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Can I stop a Bailiff getting into my house?

I have had letters telling me bailiff are going to come around to my home. Can I stop them taking my things? What if I don't open the door?

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Stopping a baliff getting in

Bailiffs are not allowed to force themselves into your home to seize your possessions. So there will be no breaking down of the door or smashing of windows. They can however enter your house through an open window or door and can climb walls and fences both in your front and back garden.

If you answer the door to a bailiff they cannot force their way past you. They will try and get in by asking you nicely, tricking you into allowing them to use the phone, or try and walk in without pushing past. Don’t let them. Stand your ground and close the door before they get even close to entering.

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Re: Can I stop a Bailiff getting into my house?

Hello ive been told there is a form i can purchase from the court costing £35 to stop the bailiff on my property,if so do you know the name of the form please

Re: Can I stop a Bailiff getting into my house?

Bailiff came to my house today and he said he will put me and my mother in jail if we wont pay him the money , and he said he will come in if he wants to and noone will stop him and he started swearing at me and raised his hands up against me. What shall i do ? Should i call police or what?


If anyone attends your property and uses threatening behaviour then you can ring the police, no one has the right to threaten you regardless of why they were there. Separately you can make a complaint about the bailiff directly to the company or court that the bailiff represents and you may wish to take legal advice if you intend on taking any further action against them.

All of this will not affect the fact that the original debt still exists and the fact that a bailiff has been instructed to recover the debt. As bailiffs can be instructed to recover different types of debts and the powers they have are different for different types of debt then it would be a good idea to speak to a debt adviser and go through in greater detail the type of debt involved and will ensure that debt is being dealt with in the correct fashion.

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Re: Can I stop a Bailiff getting into my house?

can a bailif break into my house if i am not there?....can they enter if only my children are in? and how do i prove that belongings are not mine, do i need a receipt or a statutory declaration? i stick them on the products in case they do get in and take photos of the items with the receipts etc......if they turn up with a locksmith to break in can i phone the poice saying i am being broken into, well i guess i can do that!.....what common law will protect me from bailiffs entering, i had one turn up who conned his way into my home, first of all by hiding behind the wall so i had to open the door widely to see who was there , then he asked if he could come in as he was from the council, i let him in, and obviously ended up signing that paper, the thing is, I am contending the debt, i have proof that the figure is wrong and have sent them the letter stating such from the council, the bailffis are not listening to my letter, they are still on thier way, what can i do, i must have rights??

Re: Can I stop a Bailiff getting into my house?

As a law of rule unless it's for rent arrears a baliff cannot come into your home even if they have a warrant. However they can get in trough open windows and doors this is called peacefull entry. After which they can levy against your goods and can call back at any time between 8am and 9pm.Therefore i would suggest keeping all doors and windows locked. You do Not have to open the door to baillfs. Just sit tight and sort your debt through the legal route. There is a bailiff help section on the citizens advice page. Hope this helps.

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