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Boyfriends ex sending bailiffs to my door

My boyfriend (that does not live with me) has Csa arrears and his ex has told them he lives at my address permanently and I’ve now had 3 bailiff letters hand delivered advising they are coming to take my possessions, how can I stop this? I’ve written to his ex and confirmed that he has no possessions at my home tho he occasionally stays over but isn’t on the electrol roll and does not contribute to bills etc and my house is solely mine and nothing to do with him at all?

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Re: Boyfriends ex sending bailiffs to my door

As you do not have a debt with CSA then you cannot be asked to pay it. You may need to write a letter to the bailiffs to let them know that he does not live at your house and does not have possessions in your home. If they do come to your property then you would need to show them proof that he does not live in your house. They are not entitled to take your items to pay for someone else’s debts. If your boyfriend can contact them and provide his address details and set up a payment plan then they will have no further need to contact at your address.

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