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When Can I become a Managing Director of a PLC company?

Dear Sir/Madam  I was made Bankrupt some 17 months ago with your guidance to help me complete the procedure.I am still working hard to get myself back on track and having secured a good job for a year now I have the opportunity of applying for a role of Transport managers role within my company but am concerned that as one of the requirements is to be 'A person of good repute' which says bankrupt

I am about to repay a charge on my house, how do I then remove it without using solicitors?

My ex husband has a charge on my house agreed from the divorce settlement but this is about to be repaid by me. How can we get the charge removed from my house without using solicitors and lots of costs? I have downloaded DS1 from but is that all that's needed?

post iva debt

i have accrued a business debt since my iva and now they are sending the bailiffs, what can they take as the business has closed and they are coming to my house but i live with my mother in law

Will i loose my home if my ex husband is still on morgage.

I have been seperated from my ex husband since 2011 and divorced a few weeks. In 2011 my solicitor changed the morgage with the land registry to me as first point on morgage and him as second so he can not make any changes. He was to remain on the morgage until i got into full time work.

I have a phone contract out and I'm only 16 its now at a debt recovery.

Boyfriends ex sending bailiffs to my door

My boyfriend (that does not live with me) has Csa arrears and his ex has told them he lives at my address permanently and I’ve now had 3 bailiff letters hand delivered advising they are coming to take my possessions, how can I stop this?

Daughters debts

My daughter was living with myself and my partner she has run up numerous debts but 5 months ago moved to Spain we have been receiving debt letters and one currently saying bailiffs will be calling myself and my partner are worried sick what can we do to solve this matter she no longer lives with us I’ve taken her off electoral roll but that won’t come off until next April any advice please

unknown ccj on my property

I have discovered a ccj on my joint home from my ex husbands personal debt of which I was not aware, of as we are divorcing in the settlement he is signing his share of the house over to me . firstly can the ccj be put on a joint property without my concent and secondly will I have to pay it even tho my husband won t own any shares

Can I continue working as a Police Station Representative with an IVA?

Personal bankruptcy and company struck off

Having been declared bankrupt in November 2011 I was sole shareholder of a company with property assets of approx £100,000. The Trustee in my bankruptcy allowed the company to be struck off in June 2012 and I now would like to have it reinstated.

Want to put car in wifes name.

my ex was taken off the mortgage July 2017 he has threatened to declare himself bankrupt.

Will they take money out of my house. I sold my property in 2015 that I owned on my own. we bought a house together in 2016. the deposit was my equity. he has not loved at the property since sept 2016

My friend's son brought a car on HP, is she liable as he can't pay, she is not a guarantor

My friend's son brought a car on HP, but now he cannot afford to pay back the installements? My friend is paying as she is scared the bailiffs will come to her house to take her possessions. She was not a guarantor for the loan, so is that possible? Thank you.

What rights do I have on a property with a joint mortgage when I left two years ago?

My ex and I bought a house in 1997 with an interest only mortgage. We both worked full time and paid into a joint bank account, however, I took a job with live-in accommodation three years ago and the relationship broke down a year later. He expected me to pay half the mortgage which I was not prepared to do but gave him the option of us selling the house.

paying over the certain % amount - no longer get repossessed?

Hi, just a general query, is it true, that if you pay off a certain amount on a mortgage (%) then if you fall into difficulty they cannot repossess the house? if true, what is the % ? any links? thanks

What options do i have as a bankrupt contractor

I'm soon to be made bankrupt and currently on PAYE but would like to also do some contracting & free lance work on top on my PAYE employment. I do not want to manage my own tax or be a limited company but free to work on short term projects for any client and be sure my tax and insurance is covered.

In debet and parents house threatened with bailiffs

Basically I owe a company money. I am studying abroad and they have threatened to send bailiffs to my parents house even though I am not registered there anymore. Is there anything they can actually do. I am not sure whether I am still registwred to vote there or not.