Student Debt

Five top tips for cash-strapped students

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Five top tips for cash-strapped students Heading off to university is the start of a new, exciting chapter in your life.

Student going onto second year, in debt and very depressed.

I am curently unemployed as I have found it very difficult to find a job anywhere even though ive spent practicly everyday hunting. I currently owe; £350 for a payday loan (going up £18 a week) £250 phone bill ( £35 a month) and £240 rent for first month (I need to re submit some work for university by the 21st of augest so need to move inot my new house soon)

Student debt facts and helping you with some money saving tips

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Student life is synonymous with building up debt while scraping by on baked beans and wearing extra jumpers to save on the heating bill.But, according to recent research, that doesn't mean youngsters at university are necessarily bad with money.Figures from life insurance provider SunLife show that  - even though about 500,000 of the young people starting univer

Student debt

With the ever growing need to secure students loans to equip yourself for 3 years of university life plus overdrafts and credit cards on tap, is there a growing temptation to damage yourself before you even begin?