Other Debt Questions

I need to sell my home but have a secured loan as well as mortgage what happens to the loan?

I have a mortgage, a secured loan and an unsecured loan on my property but need to sell due to struggling with the repayments. I need to know what happens about the secured loan(2nd charge on the property) if there is not enough cash realised from the sale to pay it off ?

How long are you held accountable for an outstanding debt?

If my husband has a sole traders debt, am I liable for it too?

My husband has a sole traders debt of £18,000. I worked within the company, doing the admin and the company bank account was held in my name (as my husband couldn't get an account at the time), the VAT registration was also in both our names as I filed the returns.

How can I avoid paying someone else's council tax debt, other than running from the council?

I lived in a shared house and was unemployed, claiming council tax benefit. My name was on the council tax bill (this was necessary, in order to claim the council tax benefit) along with one other who lived in the house. She moved out and then I received a letter from the council saying I was being taken to court for non-payment of council tax. She had not paid the bill.

Parked in Homebase Watford, got G24 Civil Traffic Enf. Notice. Is this legit & do I hv 2 pay

I had not seen (and have still not) any notice about parking limitations and was shocked to get a G24 Ltd Civil Traffic Enforcement Notice for £95 for parking 20 mins over their 2hr limit. It says if I pay within 14 days I only have to pay £75.

Can the bank force me to sell my house, i've defaulted on the loan?

i have a charge on my house supporting a £200k business loan. My buiness has now been liquidated and therefore i'm unable make further payments through the business and i dont have the kind of money to personally to keep up repayments as i'm now unemployed. I now have £40k remainng to pay the bank and i have roughly £200k equity in my house. Will the bank force me to sell the house?

Could HMRC make my partner sell our house to pay my debt?

I owe the taxman £20,000 which I have negotiated to be paid back at a rate of £1000 per month. I am no longer able to meet the repayments as my business has folded. The home that I have lived in for the last eight years with my partner has the mortgage in her name and all the repayments have been made by her. Does HMRC have the right to make her sell the property to pay back the money?

Can a charge be put on a property that is in my wife's name only if the debt is in my name

Our home is in my wife's name only I have a debt in my name only can the person I owe the debt to put a charge on the property As its my wife's property but my debt

if my daughter uses my address as a postal address will that affect my credit rating

My daughter is living temporarily at her boyfriends parents and wants to use my address for her postal address. She owes a bit of money and I am worried that if she fails to pay and bailiffs get involved, they will be able to seize my goods even though she isn't living there. Also would her debt affect my credit rating if she is only using my address for her mail?

Can a bank force a sale if the property has negative equity

My bank has obtained a charge against my property and the solicitors acting on behalf of the bank are saying that they expect to be instructed to force a sale to obtain monery owed. my propety has negative equity of about £40,000.00 and the debt owed is £36,000.00 would my bank do this ?

I am trying to find out if someone that I know has been declared bankrupt

Someone that I know has informed me that someone else that I know has been declared bankrupt. I have tried the Individual Insolvancy Service, with no success. I have also looked at the London Gazette insolvancy pages, also with no success. Another friend of mine also belives that this partiuclar individual has been declared bankrupt.

Son has a loan (short term) and has obtained it using the home address.

He currently lives away but does come home occasionally. If he defaults on this loan does the home address become blacklisted or my son?

My son has accumulated debt in his name at my address.

The debt is for his girlfriends mother. His girlfriend used his card to order goods for her mother. The debt is now in his name at my address. What will happen if her mother does not pay for these goods? Will it have any impact on my credit history? How can I get this resolved? Would it be ok if my son just changed the address on the debt account to his girlfriends address?

10 tips to stop you getting into serious debt

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on a credit card is an additional card holder liable for the debt

joint loan, one partner signed up to a trust deed, is the other partner liable for the debt?

i have a joint loan with an ex-partner, he signed up to a trust deed for the loan along with other debts not connected with myself. i have been chased for the whole balance of the loan because the creditors say i am liable for the debt. when i asked if i could sign up to a trust deed, i was told that two people cannot sign up to a trust deed for the same loan.

If I pay the finance on a car that my Ex partner is the registered keeper on...

If I pay the finance on a car that my Ex partner is the registered keeper on do I have the legal right to demand the car back from him? Any help appreciated!

do my debts affect my partner if i move in with him

if i move in with my partner and try & pay some debts off will they expect him to pay also as i will have to pay towards the cost there, or will it just be assessed on my income as im stuggling with all my debts at present and he asked me to move in but dont want it to affect him and his house.

Can i take my name off a joint mortgage as i am divorcing