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A Crunched Christmas: Buying Gifts

Topic: Money Management | Posted: 8 years 27 weeks
A recent study by Halifax revealed that the average shopper spends £384 on gifts – and gifts alone – at Christmas, a figure which is nothing short of astonishing. Now with the economic crisis upon us, it's more important than ever to try and slash that figure – while still giving good quality gifts that will be treasured for years to come.

Is the UK still living beyond its means?

Topic: Money Management | Posted: 3 years 43 weeks
   A report was published earlier this month by the Government backed Money Advice Service and I'm sorry to say that it doesn't make for happy reading. I've highlighted just some of the key points made:

Why Your Creditors Revise Payment Terms On Your Debt

Topic: Money Management | Posted: 8 years 6 weeks
Many people are unable to deal with the scale of the debt they have accumulated; debt can be very insidious in how it grows not only with day-to-day use of a credit card or overdraft facility, but the hikes in interest rates, additional fees and charges and the affect can be adversely multiplied if you fall behind with payments – a returned cheque or direct debit for a few pounds can incu

The Anatomy of a Self-Destructive Attitude Towards Money

Topic: Money Management | Posted: 8 years 25 weeks
For the most part, debt isn’t something that just happens by mistake. There’s something you did or didn’t do that brought on the debt. If you want to get out of debt and stay out, you have to take a look at what caused you to get into debt in the first place.

Credit cards: the good, the bad and the ugly

Topic: Money Management | Posted: 2 years 44 weeks
Credit cards: the good, the bad and the uglyCredit cards are bad news for people who have had debt problems, right?Well, not always.

Five Financial Scams You Need To Know About

Topic: Money Management | Posted: 2 years 37 weeks
Five financial scams you NEED to know about Fraudsters use lots of cunning tricks to part you from your hard-earned cash.So it pays to keep up to date with the most common scams... 1.

Paying Off Debt on Your Own

Topic: Money Management | Posted: 8 years 23 weeks
There are a few ways you can get help with your debt – a debt management plan, an IVA, or bankruptcy. However, all of those options come at some cost.

How Will You Survive Financially When You Stop Working?

Topic: Money Management | Posted: 3 years 3 weeks
How will you survive financially when you stop working? The State Pension alone, which is currently worth a maximum of £113.10 a week, won't be enough to provide you with a comfortable standard of living once you retire.

Will A Hike In Interest Rates Affect Your Mortgage?

Topic: Money Management | Posted: 3 years 2 weeks
Interest rates are going up - but when will the hike come and how will it affect you? Those are the questions worrying millions of Britons with variable-rate mortgages that will become more expensive when the Bank of England decides to increase the base rate from its current low level of 0.5%. Here, we explain why rates are likely to go up

Tis The Season To Be Thrifty...!

Topic: Money Management | Posted: 2 years 35 weeks
It's easy to get carried away with festive cheer - and I don't just mean at your work Christmas party. We tend to spend a lot more on going out around Christmas and New Year. And on top of that, most of us have to buy presents for our loved ones - not to mention splash out on a family feast. So it's h

What are Arrears?

AER and why it's important for savers

Topic: Money Management | Posted: 8 years 33 weeks
AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate. It is important if you’re a saver as it tells you the amount of interest you’re going to be paid on your savings. When it’s calculated it assumes that you will leave money and interest were left in the account. This is useful when comparing one savings account against another. If you know of any great deals around at the moment let us know.

Know Where You Stand with Debt

Topic: Money Management | Posted: 8 years 4 weeks
It does not take much to push a good paying customer who has stuck by their debt repayments to suddenly fall behind a couple of months and even more. Losing a job is an obvious reason but it can be many others too such as loss of overtime or reduced bonuses, illness causing loss of income or increased expenses for a variety of reasons such as a new child or car repair costs.

CPAs - keep a close eye on your bank account

Topic: Money Management | Posted: 1 year 33 weeks
What is a CPA?A ‘continuous payment authority’ is a type of regular automatic payment that you can set up using your debit or credit card

CSA isnt taking into consideration the length ov time l was on sick

l got a csa bill through door to weeks ago, they are taking 95 a week of me 59 is back payment, l got rushed into hospital on 17th december got operated on 20th with 2 prolapsed discs, l phoned csa when l got my bill through to see if they would take the 5 weeks statutory sick pay into consideration, they told me l should ov informed them in dec when l was in hosp on morphine and 3 weeks before a

How can I get P45, P60 and last pay advise?.

I enquire how can I get my p45, p60 and last pay advise. I have worked for a company in London, which I left last year. Since then, I have not been given my P45, P60 and last pay advise. I have asked for them several times to my managers. They said that they sended them to my last address where I don´t live any more.

Talk About Saving – Let’s help each other save

Topic: Money Management | Posted: 8 years 36 weeks
If ever there was a time to save as much cash as possible it is now. It is also one of the best times to save money because businesses are feeling the squeeze so there are great deals around. You just need to know where to look. For example, Tesco have just sold cases of Carlesberg larger for £5 (saving £9.99 per case)!

The Best Tool for Paying Off Debt

Topic: Money Management | Posted: 8 years 27 weeks
If you think back to how you got into debt and why you can’t seem to get out of it, I bet both answers stem from the absence of one thing – a budget. A lot of people hate the word “budget” so I’m going to try to use it a lot to get you comfortable with the thought of having one.

Rebuilding a credit history and improve your credit rating with credit cards

Topic: Money Management | Posted: 8 years 32 weeks
MANY people who have had severe financial problems may have sworn that they will never use a credit card again. But not having a credit card can be as disadvantageous as having one and not paying off the interest each month.