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Things to avoid if you want to get out of debt

Topic: Misc. Debt | Posted: 7 years 24 weeks
Don’t rob Peter to pay PaulIf you find yourself taking out new loans to pay back existing loans at expensive rates of interest because your credit rating is not as good as it once was, it may be time to stop and get help.

10 Debt Myths Busted – A Must Read

Topic: Misc. Debt | Posted: 7 years 24 weeks
When you’re in serious debt one of the biggest hurdles you face is that people don’t tend to open up and talk about their problems. This might leave you thinking that you are the only one facing your problems.

When you're married and in debt, actions speak louder than words

Topic: Misc. Debt | Posted: 7 years 22 weeks
When you're married or in a relationship and in serious debt, the chances are your relationship is suffering.

Write about your personal debt experience

Topic: Misc. Debt | Posted: 7 years 21 weeks
We're encouraging you to write a short article about what it's like to be in debt based on your personal experience.The idea is simple - to encourage others who are in debt to learn from your experience and help them to realise that they're not alone with their own debt problems.Your article may include some of the following points:

Poetry Competition - It's called 'Debt Free – Poetry to inspire action'

Topic: Misc. Debt | Posted: 8 years 37 weeks
Inspired by a poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar called The Debt, Talk About Debt are ran a poetry competition to find this century’s ‘Debt Poem’. The quality of the response was amazing and the poems a true reflection of the time we live in We have over 100 entries, which have been in a downloadable PDF. We're sure you'll enjoy them as much as we have.

My ex partner of 13 years ran up a credit card in my name.

My ex partner of 13 years ran up a credit card in my name, he's paying it off at £100 per month but that will mean it will take him 48 months to pay it off. I know he's on 40K a year and can afford to pay more. Can I take him to court to make him pay more? Can I take him to court if he stops paying me at any point? I have text message proof, email proof that he ran the dept up?

I want to sell half my property, how do I do this?

my brother & I own the property that my children & I live in, ( was left to us by our mum), my mum had it put in her will that the children & I could live in the property until we were either rehoused or found somewhere to live. The children and I are loving living here even though it needs a lot of work doing to it.... it is the 1st proper home we have had.

The Perils Of Payday Loans

Topic: Misc. Debt | Posted: 3 years 21 weeks
Millions of Britons have used payday loans to see them through a short-term cash flow crisis.But while month-long payday loans give you quick access to extra cash, they are an expensive way to borrow – particularly if you cannot repay the full amount by the due date.

I am unable to pay my mortgage what are my options

I can't pay my mortgage. Will I lose my house? What are my options?

Auf Wiedersehen Debt

Topic: Misc. Debt | Posted: 8 years 33 weeks
2008 Winning Poem Auf Wiedersehen Debt by Michael Weightman Even though that I don’t know you I’m going to place a bet That now, before or sometime You’ll be face to face with debt It could have been with money That was used to pay the rent Or could have just been credit That you’ve already spent There are always those that aren’t though Born to be a saver

I have had a car in my yard for 10 months,i recieved the log book,can i sell it to get rent

I have just sent a bill to the guy who i know cannot pay.

What does Arrestment mean?

How can I stop my daughter using my address when running up debts?

My daughter has a nasty habit of getting herself into debt and using our address. We have had visits from the bailiffs and she is now receiving final demands from various organisations, all coming to our address. She is 21 and no longer lives with us as we kicked her out after the last bout of unpaid bills. Is there any way we can prevent her from using our address in future?

Debt Management vs the IVA

Topic: Misc. Debt | Posted: 8 years 18 weeks
If you can or want to avoid bankruptcy, debt management or an IVA are normally the two solutions a debt advisor will consider for you. They both offer very different things but share a common objective. They both aim to make you debt free and your monthly repayments manageable. The key areas of distinction are:Only one is legally binding

Debt Jargon Buster

Topic: Misc. Debt | Posted: 8 years 33 weeks
There are so many technical and legal terms, and abbreviations associated with debt and finance. To help, here’s our jargon buster to help.

Charge against a property

What exactly does this mean?

What stage in the debt cycle are you?

Topic: Misc. Debt | Posted: 8 years 34 weeks
Once upon a time your finances were healthy and if you want them to be, they can be again. These are the typical stages that someone in debt goes through. Do you recognize any?

Start The New Year Debt Free

Topic: Misc. Debt | Posted: 7 years 25 weeks
On behalf of all of the team at Talk About Debt we'd like to wish all of the websites visitors a happy New Year.

Can someone legally charge me interest on a personal debt?

The person who owns the flat underneath mine has had some essential works done to the flats, which I did not consent to as i felt the managing company should have picked up the bill. He then started charging me interest on the money owed. I am about to send a cheque for the final amount (I have been paying monthly until now), but do not believe that I should pay the interest.