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Is Debt Making You Depressed?

Topic: Friends, Family, Loved Ones | Posted: 8 years 26 weeks
You’d be remiss to think that dealing with overwhelming debt didn’t have an emotional impact on your life. People have been known to commit suicide because they didn’t see a way out of their currently debt-filled life.

Can someone who is out of work and of no fixed abode use my address for their post?

Can someone who is out of work and of no fixed abode use my address for their post? Will it affect my council tax and are their any legal implication to think about?

My lodger has debt problems. Does this affect me? He is registered at this address.

My lodger does not have his name linked to me financially but he is registered at this address. I am not sure how this will affect me.

Am I liable for my husbands tax bill

I bought my house in Sept 08 and at the time my partner ( now husband) was making contributions to the house. We split in June 09 and got back together in September 09 but he has made no contribututions since June 09. We got married in August 10 and I have recently found out that since he went self employed in July 09 he has not filed any tax returns or self assesment forms.

a family member has left home and debts

a family member has left home and debts how does this leave others living at the address legally. no one will talk to us and we keep getting letters and visits.

can debt collectors chase a 16 year old.she signed up for a free trial now owes £100

my daughter was 15 and signed up for a months free trial for aol. after the first month they took the payments out of her bank even though she didnt have any money going in. so now the bank are writing to say she owes £60 and aol are saying she owes them £40 because the bank have not paid the last two months.

My son needs help and he admits this. He lives in Jersey and has asked me to contact you.

Debt is ruining his life and he knows he needs to sort out. I wondered if you could ring to talk to him and advise the best action to take or point him in the right direction. There seems to be no help in Jersey for him to go to. He is nearly 30 and he feels he is a big hole.

My ex wife is living in my property can I charge her rent or evict her

My wife will not make a financial agreement even after our divorce has been made absolute, she has agreed about four settlements and the mediation service even wrote the agreement up for us but insisted that she signed a letter saying she agreed to their findings, which she did. She then change her mind when I was about to take it to a solicitor to have it made legal.

Can i sue someone i loaned money to and now say they will not pay it back?

I loaned money to a friend, (£20k), we agreed that the money will have to be returned within 6months up to 1 year. They now say they will not pay it back. I have copies of the cheque they cashed. Can I sue? And if I can and they declare themselves bankrupt can I still get my money back? And if they are working full time can they be declared bankrupt especially if they have no other debts?

My Husband Has an IVA. Can they tough my personal savings?

Am I liable for my fiance's debt when we get married?

My fiance's debt was accrued by his ex-wife who declared bankrupcy before the divorce, would I be liable for that debt when we get married or if he has to go bankrupt?

How can we protect our home against our errant daughter's debts.

Our daughter is 19 and hasn't lived at home for two months. I have paid a £500 overdraft and the bank has closed her account. She has over £700 on a mobile account and I have just discovered that she has taken out another mobile conract of 18 months against our address and it is for another person. I'm not sure how we can stop her. Please somebody give me some advice.

How do I file for a notice of disassociation

My son has moved abroad and given my address to his bank. He owes over £3000 in overdraft. The bank is issuing a termination notice and they say details will be recorded at credit reference agencies.

Will my child's saving account be affected by my credit card debt default?

I have almost £20,000 credit card debt, and just being made redundant. So I need help from some kind of debt management plan to sort out my debts. I do receive child maintenance every month but it goes directly to my child's own saving account.

My brother and I both own our house, half each. I want to sell but my brother dosn't.

We have a large mortgage which is in arrears and my wife is also on the mortgage.

Partner and I both have DMP, want to move in but don't want to use same address??

I have a DMP with the CCCS. My boyfriend has one that he handles himself. We are looking to live together in his flat but if I change my address with my creditors they will see that we both owe money from same address (coincidentally we have same creditors but weren't together at the time)