Employment & Unemployment

Is a gap-year student still liable for Council Tax even if he did not sign-on as unemployed?

My son took a gap year from university but did not officially sign on even though he was unemployed for that year. The Council is now demanding payment of council tax for that year. What recourse is there to prove he was not working and not earning anything at that time? Can the Council legally force to pay? Any advice would be very much appreciated.

if i lose my job will i get help with my rent

can you get a bank account if you are unemployed and have bad debt?

What are the implications of being a director if the company folds?

Two years ago two of us were asked to step to run the day to day business of a small limited company while the owners took a step back, The owners were directors (registered at Companies House) and they were keen that we also became registered directors as well. We have no financial holding in the company other than our salaries and we receive no shares etc.

Am I entitled to a housing grant?

I am a lone parent, unemployed soon to be moving into a unfurnished flat, with no furniture of my own.

my boss has just told me to take 2 wkks off with no pay can he do this

can i get help with money if the company i work for has gone into liquidation

i just wanted to know if i can get redundancy pay from my employee or goverment for the last 4 years that i've worked for the company befor it went into liquidation

Am I personably liable to pay redundancy is company goes bust?

I am a director/shareholder of a company. We had to make redundancies and a former director was unfortunately one. We reached a payment agreement through acas with him which we have stuck to. However, company remains unstable and may close. Will I personally be responsible to continue to pay any outstanding monies due to the former director?

Advice needed!!! no wages paid by my employer, they are now trading under i new name!!

My employer told me today that i wouldnt be getting my monthly wage tomorrow as they dont have the funds to pay anyone just yet.

i am a self employed commission only sales rep owed money in double glazing,

i am a commision only sales rep working for the same company for over 20 years. i earn commissions by adding this to the cost price recently the company have cash flow problems and have not paid me the commisions they owe, around 2k. i am still getting calls from them, and even today have given them orders with deposits of over 2k. they are accepting these and banking deposits.

My employer of 4 years has changed from being a sole trader to a limited company,my rights?

my employer has just changed from being a sole trader to a limited company,and i will be receiving a P45 pertaining this,I have also recieved a letter stating that this in no way affects my terms and conditions or my length of service( 4 years ).I have never signed a contract,but have received my wages by cheque every week.Has anything changed in regards to my rights,and is it ok to except the P45

Commision only job my rights

my husband worked on a commision only based for a company, he made no money as there were too many losses involved (leaving products at customers premises), he left there in march and now this company is chasing him for £12,000 in stock, my partner sent back £7000 worth as that was all he had left. what rights does my husband have if they get a bailiff onto him?

My boyfriend is a sole trader , I own our home. Can I be liable?

My partner is a sole trader . We live together ( for the last 4 years) in my house. I have owned this house for 14 years. He pays the bills I pay the mortgage.this is clear from our ban accounts. The mortgage comes from my own account. We also have a 2 year old son.

Risk of becoming a Director if previously I was a Director of a company that still has debts

I was a Director of a company that went into liquidation in 2006. Each of the 4 Directors of that company signed a guarantor with the bank to the tune of £60K and they are obviously still keen to chase any one of the 4 Directors for that debt. I have worked abroad ever since the demise of the previous company and have had no contact with the bank or made any payments to them since 2006.

Can I work as a Manager for a charity if I am bankrupt

Im retired with an unemployed son, can he claim any other benefits, apart from job seekers?

I am retired living on state pension and a small private pension. My unemployed son has move back home, he is claiming job seekers, I am having to top that up with my own income. (Job seekers is not enough to keep him).

me and my wife have a secure council tenantcey as i moved in with her before we got married

we are both on the tenantcey but because she had it before she thinks she can make me leave my home so what are my rights.please.

Is it ok to swap from working to DSS whilst renting a house?

i am renting a house with my 4 children. i am working and paying my rent as normal, however i may have to give up my job for various reasons and get help from DSS to pay my rent. is this a criminal offence as i initially get the house mentioning that was working?