Debts in Scotland

how much can i earn a year maximum while bankrupt?

I think i am going to have to go bankrupt, help i need advice!

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give me adive on what to do. I have been in touch with my citizens advice and they say they will contact me within 3 days however I feel like I am going crazy! What will happen when I go bankrupt and will they take my wages from me?

Can creditors take mt child tax credits or my child benefit?

how to clear secured loan without selling our house

I have since split with my partner we have a secured loan on our house and my ex wasnts to stay in the property is there any way of geting rid of this loan

i have unpaid debts from last year is it possible to have any kind of warrants against me

i have unpaid debts that is in arrears is possible to have any warrants against me as i am going on holiday and i dont want to get stopped at the airport please help me

Can banks close your account down making your authorised OD unauthoried

Ive got a 900 OD that will be clear in a couple of weeks, in the meantime can the bank close my account down and therfore change my authorised OD into an unauthorised one and thus charge me unauthorised overdraft

I have equity in buy to let property.Can I sell this house to my LLP for equity to pay debt?

My debt problems could be greatly helped by releasing equity from my buy to let property. I am using this property for my business office. Can I sell the property to my LLP for less than the market value to release the equity to pay off debts while still keeping the property as a business asset? I am having difficulty selling the property which is why I am using it as an office?

my total monthly income is lower than my monthly day to day expenditure.

i dont have any extra money left over at the end of the month to even be able to treat my 3 chilren so how can i pay my debt if i dont have the money

Hello can you help. I live in Scotland, i am self employed. I owe a bank about 15k.

Hi i live in scotland, am self employed, and owe a bank about 15k on my buisness account. I own my home. I recently made my buisness a limited company, because i was worried that i could lose my home, if i could not repay the bank. Can you tell me if this has done any good, or am i still in the same position...Thanks for your help.

Do I pay surcharges from an Earnings Arrestment even though I was registered as a student?

Two days ago my employer received an Earnings Arrestment Schedule letter with my name as the "Debtor". It is from the years 2011/2012 from a property in which I resided as a student. At the beginning of our (my then flatmate and I) stay there we filled out and sent out all necessary forms, university letters etc. in order to register as students.

Can we be forced to sell house.

Investor came into our company and lent money to company which then lent to my brother and I to clear debts. This money was to be paid in full including interest by the end of this year or we would lose our shares as they were secured against the loan.

is my boyfriend whom i live with liable for my debts before we met?

Will I be arrested entering scotland if I have an outstanding warrant?

I have an outstanding overdraft from RBS from several years ago (approx 6). I have been living abroad for 4.5 years and am planning to visit for a week. My concern is that a warrant may have been put out as regards my non payment of the debt and whether or not I will be arrested upon my arrival.

In debt at 15

Can somebody help me with my query. My son who has ADHD and sometimes has anger problems that he is getting help with, but he was at school one day and he slammed a door by mistake and broke the door. They sent a bill to myself as his parent for £897.94, The letter came from the local council and I phoned them to tell them that I did not break the door to take my name off the letter.

i signed up to a trust deed that became protected in March 2009, at the start i was paying

i signed up to a trust deed that became protected in March 2009, at the start i was paying £420 per mth after the first year this was increased to £618 per mth adn i have struggled on monthly basis to pay this but pay it i have. However this month i have had to pay £350 fro my wifes car and the washing machine has packed in ( i have 3 children under 13)

Husband wanting to declare himsel bankcrupt to get rid of debt - says house must be sold!

Husband left me and our 2 young children at Christmas. I am in family home, paying mortgage etc ( he contributes a little). He has now told me he has credit cards and loans in his name amounting to £26,000. He is thinking of going bankcrupt and wants to sell the house and tells me I am liable for half his debts.

Am I responsible for my missing son's debts?

My son went missing March 2010. The police have investigated and he is currently listed as "a missing person" (possible suicide). He had his own business and over the last year I have been made aware of the possibility that my son has forged my signature to obtain credit and leases for business purposes.

can i still be a a collecting agent for o finance company if im bankrupt