Debt Relief Order

How many hours are you allowed to work/how much can you earn and keep a debt relief order?

I owe about £5k and lost my job a few months ago. My only income is JSA. It does not seem likely that I will find a full time job any time soon, so I'm considering applying for a debt relief order. If I was to get a full time job i realise the DRO would be cancelled, but was wondering how many hours could i work if something came up, and keep the DRO?

Debt Relief Orders

If you owe less that £15,000, have £50 or less to contribute towards your debts and have assets and any savings which are worth less than £300, then a Debt Relief Order may be a faster and cheaper alterative to Bankruptcy if you can’t afford to pay your debts.

Can I apply for a mortgage when my dro ends???

When my dro ends when am able to apply for a mortgage???

I'm thinking of doing dro, but my partner recently applied for working tax credits.

He had to put my name down too when applying, will this affect me if I do dro?

I wanted to appy for a debt relief order but my car is worth 1100 can i sell my car

and get a cheaper one will i then be eligable for a debt relief order

To what degree will a Debt Relief order affect my chances of future employment in Finance

I have recently become unemployed. I have a £5k loan and so I am having to find loan repayments from my £64 per week income support. This is clearly mission impossible and so If I can't find work in the next month or so I am going to have to apply for a Debt Relief Order.

DRO and I hoping to move in with my partner within the next 12 months

I am in the throws of setting up a DRO, I was also hoping to move in with my partner within the next 12 months and he earns a decent ish wage. Would the DRO be revoked/do I have to disclose his earnings/household income? My benefits would stop once we live together.

Partner moving in with me, will it effect my Deby relief order?

I am currently under a debt relief order and i am looking into whether it will be effected if my partner moves in with me? I dont work so we will be living off his income, will this effect it as we would have more then £50 a month surplus income?

Debt Relief Orders...will it affect my fiance?

I have been advised by a debt management company to consider a DRO. I have researched, and I do meet the criteria. However with regards to the £50 or less disposable income per month, I'm not entirely sure if I include my partners income. I had the debt before I met him, so therefore my debt.

If I get a DRO will it stop me from getting a Student Loan?

my DRO finished 1 month ago. is it safe to claim a tax refund?

If me and my new husband keep our money separate would it affect my dro?

My dro has nothing to do with him,his name is not on it! so if my husband had more than £50 to himself a month would my dro be affected?? We don't have a joint account we separate accounts!!

Can you get married while you have a Debt relief order

I am on a DRO an have just recieved £799 from a ppi claim. What to do?

If you marry someone who owns their own property, does this affect a debt relief order?

The house is in their name, but we would both be living there?

Can I still go ahead with a DRO if I move in with my boyfriend?

In my current circumstances I know I am eligible to apply for a debt relief order, as I have had reliable advice that this is the case. However, I have had certain qualms about whether this is the right way to go, and therefore haven't set it in motion yet. What I really want to do right now is move in with my boyfriend, maybe even get married, but without saddling him with my debts.

My Debt Relief Order has ended a week ago and is now being chased by one listed on DRO.

Not sure what I am meant to do. As I persumed all creditors listed on order I would be free from debt.

How will a debt relief order effect my future?

I am unemployed and owe £8000 from a career development loan, I have missed 3 monthly payments. I have been advised that I qualify for a debt relief order and wondered if it is worth it. If I apply and then get a job a month into it, will it still affect my credit rating in the same way it would if I was on it for a year and had my debts cleared?