Debt Management

Debt Management Plans Explained

  • Debt management plans (DMPs) are agreements between someone in debt and the companies he or she owes money to – also known as creditors.
  • They help people struggling with their debts to get back on track by agreeing to make one affordable monthly payment that goes towards all their debts.
  • The size of this payment will be calculated by a debt adviser, and reflects the a

is it possible to get a mortgage when on a debt management programme?

is it possible to get a mortgage when i am on a debt management programme and if it is, is it possible to incorporate my debts in to my mortgage? i have been told to look in to a debt consolidation mortgage, is this something that is worth doing and how will it effect me and my credit rating ( which at the moment is very poor).

Search For The UK's Best Debt Management Companies

There are hundreds of debt management companies in the UK. Nearly all of them want to charge you a monthly fee in return for setting up and managing your debt management plan. Now here's what they won't tell you. There are perfectly good free debt management plans available to you.

Can I rent a property I only started DMP 2 months ago?

Me and my boyfriend would like to start living together. I just started DMP 2 months ago due to my costs for divorce. I have very poor credit score but have large deposit saved up in case they ask for 6 months of rent in advance. My boyfriend has poor credit score too due to his debts from his past.

how can i get my creditor to stop charging me interest on my debt

i got into financial difficulties after splitting with my partner i contacted citizens advice who negotiated with my creditors to reduce my repayments to a more manageable size however one creditor is still charging me excessive amounts of interest and two and a half years on my debt has hardly diminished can you advise how i can try to get my interest charges down it is a personal loan with aa

Hi anyone heard of a comp called THE DEBT SUPPORT COMPANY, I keep getting emails from them?

A woman called Nikki emails & she says she can reduce my monthly payments down to £200 from £450, it sounds a bit too good to be true, also the take a managment fee, does this sound legit? I'm very confused as i have been reading a lot of info & i think i am now getting all mixed up, This is based on a debt managment program not an IVA, Please help if you can, Thanks T xx

Selling House in Negative Equity due to Divorce.

Hi - situation quite complicated, so i'll try to stick to the facts. Couple currently going through early stages of divorce have children together. Bought house for £170k and took unsecured loan of £30k. House now worth £150k. Have credit card debts of £20k each. She doesn’t work. He earns £75k.

Can i apply for a loan if i'm with a debt management plan?

is it possible too get car finance whilst in a dmp.

Talkaboutdebt's Quick Guide to Debt Solutions

Topic: Debt Management | Posted: 3 years 20 weeks
UK households now owe close to £1.5 trillion on credit cards, loans and mortgages, according to figures from the Bank of England. And many of those deepest in debt are struggling to cope with their repayments. Here, we put the spotlight on the various debt solutions on offer from free debt advice organisations such as Debt Advice Fou

A Second charge on the home does it affect sale and credit rating

I have an unpaid solicitor's bill due to divorce and can't pay it until I sell my home. I have been awarded no maintenance or child maintenance and have barely enough money to feed the children. They are charging me 2% a month on the debt of approx £63,000 and they are saying they will sue me for that amount or I can pay £14,000 straight away and they take a charge on my family home.

My Bank has sold on my debt to a collection company but now they are trying to keep my PPI

My Bank are trying to keep my PPI without paying it to the debt collection company they sold it to.

I'm on a DMP owing £48,000. I need a mortgage. Where can I get one?

I'm splitting up with my husband. I have a house to sell which will give me a £20,000 deposit. The house I would like to buy is £100,000. I have been paying the mortgage on my current property so this would reduce my payments considerably.

Can I sign a new rental agreement when I have 2 defaults on my credit report?

Can I sign a new rental agreement for a house if I have 2 defaults on my credit report. I am also under debt management at the moment.

Can I have a joint mortgage if I have a debt management plan

Paying token payments where 5 creditors agreed long term payment plan.

I have been paying £1.00 token payments to my 7 creditors over the last 6 months. five of my creditors agreed to make this plan long term. I have told creditors that I live with parents have no property, assets etc. and I will not go down the bankruptcy route and I have made this quite clear.

Am I personally liable for a bank overdraft for a dissolved limited company?

My limited company has now dissolved - but am I still personally liable for the outstanding overdraft on the business account?

Debt management credit counseling - who offers it?

I am looking to find a credit counseling service to talk to me about Debt Management. Who's good? Anyone had experience of Debt Management?