Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation - the right option?

Consolidating all of your debts into one single loan or Debt Consolidation Loan, is the biggest reason to take out a loan in the UK. The loans can take many forms including personal loans, credit card transfer, and re-mortgaging.

How can I remortgage to release some equity to pay off credit card debt ?

I owe £30,000 in credit card debt and bank overdrafts inherited from my ex husband, and a £25,000 loan. I have a house with at least £200,000 equity in it. I want to get a mortage product which will allow me to change the existing £80,000 mortgage from interest only to repayment, and also to cover the loan. The credit cards will settle for £10,000 if I pay off the balances.

Is Debt Consolidation the Answer for Me?

Topic: Debt Consolidation | Posted: 8 years 5 weeks
Running up debts from multiple lenders is a fact of life for many households; it is typical to have a couple of credit cards and an overdraft alongside a car loan and maybe another loan or two under credit agreements for the TV or kitchen makeover.

Consolidation loans are not a cheap option

Topic: Debt Consolidation | Posted: 8 years 38 weeks
Interest rates on loans are at their highest rates for nearly seven years with those who are looking to borrow struggling to find interest rates of less than 7.6% on a £5,000 loan over 3 years. For those with an below average credit rating the news will be even worse with interest rates being well over 10%.

My house has a 2 charges on the property

Can you help, I have a large joint debt that began in 2003 with my now ex husband - I have a charge on my home for the debt and have been paying £300 per month for almost 2 years - but my ex has paid little to nothing and now has gone bankrupt and the debt has become all mine - it started at £35k and is now in excess of £50k with interest being added at 6% which was set by the court.

My partner has got me in debt and isn't prepared to help me clear them!

I have been with my partner for 13 years and have four lovely young children, I have recently found out that we are in nearly £3000 rent arrears and around £1500 council tax arrears and nearly lost our home because of this.

Is there really no way to get a loan with bad credit?Can no one do a means tested assesment?

I have been struggling to get out of debt for sometime due to never having contingency money on top of my current expenses.

My dad recently died and left debt with a consolidation comp will I loose his pension money?

My father recently passed away and left debt with a consolidation company. He has intrusted his pension to me if he died, will I lose his pension money to the consolidation company ?

Can a minor legally be in debt?

Hello, Recently I have got myself stuck between a rock and a hard place. I am in debt to PayPal by £556 (dodgy ebay deal) and im not too sure what to do about it. I have not yet received any letters about bailiffs or anything however when I do can they take any of my parents things or my things for that matter (im 15).

If I am in debt will it effect my girlfriend if we move in together

I'm in debt from council tax , gas , electric and water and I would like to move into a flat with my girlfriend but she is worried that my debts are going to effect her

what are the applicable fees charged?

Sell house and move

If I sell my house and pay off my first mortgage, do I need to then pay the second secured loan or just move and they don't get a cent. I hate the company that provided the second loan, they have done nothing but harass us since day one for payments in excess of what we could pay. It would give me great satisfaction to sell our home disappear and they get nothing.

My ex had debt managed with CCCS - he now wants a share of house? He declared no interest

My ex had debt that he managed with the CCCS. The mortgage was in my name. 7 years later he is now declaring an interest in the house when with the CCCS he declared he had no interest in order to gain their service. He will have committed fraud if he now declares an interest? Can he do this?