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The UK has a wide range of debt advice charities available. Collectively they help hundreds of thousands of people a year and provide valuable and free expert debt advice.

What is the minimum payment per month, by law you have to pay a debt recovery agency?

If you have offered a monthly instalment offer to a debt collection agency, even if it is a small amount, can they demand you pay a larger instalment? Even if you cannot afford that amount and they have already accepted your payment. Can they take legal action against you if do not comply, even if you have explained to them that it is more than you can afford?

What can I do to remove a land registry charge from my house in order to sell?

I have a house that I would like to sell and am advised that I have a charge on there with CL Finance registered on 23 June 2009. However, I do not know what for and can't find any details to contact the company. Secondly, I have lived in New Zealand for a number of years now and so have had no correspondence regarding this charge. What can I do to resolve this?

can baliffs come out for unpaid 02 phone contract??

i took out a contract with o2 just a small one but decided i didnt want the contract anymore so i cancelled it. they sent me the final bill for £296.15p which i couldnt afford to pay and i recently lost my job. ive emailed them numeroud occasions to explain this situation and they just keep sending debt collection letters.

how can you declare youself bankrupt when your unemployed

I have a debt in my name but its my friend who's paying it


how to deal with a debt agency, who keep calling for money we do not owe

Marston agency keep turning up at my elderly parents house and knocking on neighbours doors after an unpaid fine of my brother, they are estranged from him and he has not been living there for over 20 years and they have not seen him for about 10 years but he has been using their address on his driving licence etc, the collectors will not listen to what they are saying and insist they will be back

UK debt collector trying to contact though I no longer live in the UK

I stupidly, and regrettedly left Dubai in a hurry 10 years ago, and left around £3500 car loan debt, now I have discovered a debt collector in the UK is trying to contact me at an old address to recover the money supposedly for the bank in Dubai.

Alliance & Leicester have 'written' off my account but no conntact?

I've been in an IVA for the past 3 years, have been very lucky with my creditors in them accepting my offers of payments. However, I recently rang Alliance & Leicester about my loan, I wanted to know the remainder balance to evaluate how long I had to go. They informed me that my account had been 'written off' and passed to a Debt Collection agency and they couldn't provide me with any details.

Does my childs dla class as household income

I had a phone call from the debt collector today who asked questions over the phone and at the end of it they said I have £500. over every month so I will have to pay £200. a month for my debts, I said that the DLA was for my four year old daughter and the 60 was my carers allowance, but they said that it all counts as household income.

what information can a creditor ask for

i have just been contacted by a company chasing a debt from 1998,

can this legally be enforced due to the time elapsed

Can HMRC chase a director/shareholder for a company debt?

If a limited company is struck off owing money to H M Revenue and Customs can they chase the director/shareholder for the liability?

Can you get a mortgage if currently paying off a collection agency? (11k - £200per week)

Since 2008 my wife has been paying by direct debit to a collection agency £200 per month. The unsecured loan was with Barclays who then presume passed it to the collection agency. The original sum was £18k but is now down to £11k. We have checked my wifes credit file and this is showing up as a defualt, and states she did owe 18k, but now its down to 11k.

Disolved ltd company with debts

I opened a ltd co and within 2 months our 1st client went bust. Our bank account went £4000 overdrawn without an overdraft. My accountant disolved the company in error and the bank have been chasing the money. Is it right that the bank have to write off the money as the company is now disolved.

One in three problems is debt related, says CAB

Topic: Debt Companies | Posted: 8 years 33 weeks
One in three problems seen by the Citizens Advice is now debt related. The CAB is calling on the debt industry to review how it handles debts so more people can help themselves.

Debt at old Address need it moved to current Address

A debt collector has written to my dads address - an address I have not lived at for 8 years. My dad is very upset about this as he has never had a debt and he wants me to make sure a letter never arrives there again. My dad knew I was struggling 5-6 yrs ago but I told him I had it all under control (which I didnt).

can i employ debt collecters to collect private debt,

i am self employed and have been knocked by client

URGENT: letters sent to very distant relatives about me SCARY

Hi I been living abroad for 5 years. My dad called me this morning and said that a distant aunt and my dad brother ( who live at different addresses ) recently received letters from Solicitors or something offical like that and that were looking for me. They were demanding for my whereabouts and address under my maiden name.