Creditor Calls & Letters

Am i liable for outstanding debt, my ltd company is dissolved!

I leased a laptop when I started my company and PC world used my details for the credit check, I have since dissolved the company and the lease company are chasing the rest of the contract. I have informed them that the company has been dissolved.

What powers does a recovery company field agent have?

Can you tell me how much power field agents have from a debt collection agency iam worried as i have been sent a letter saying that they will send these people round to my address to collect a outstanding debt

Can a commercial Landlord make me personally bankrupt?

I am personally liable for a 15 year lease on a commercial premises, the shop due to current financial situation is making a loss so I need to surrender the lease which they won't agree to, I own a house but am in negative equity and have no savings just a car worth about £5000 I think, and jointly own the house with my partner whom earns very little, what should I do?

Will I be responsible for my ex-partner debt?

My ex-partner moved out over 7 months ago but I still keep getting post and phone calls from credit card companies for missed payments. I don't have a forwarding address only a mobile number. I have contacted him to change his address details but the letters and phone calls keep coming. Will the bailiffs eventually come round?

thinking of going bankrupt i have got a secured loan on the house in joint names with my x

me and my x partener have a secured loan on the property he wont paythe debt as he isnt living there i cant afford this and the mortgage aswell if i go bankrupt will i lose my house as there is no equity in it regards julie

I took a pay day loan for £500 pounds and lost my job the next week and unable to pay.

I am reciept of benefits but it is not enougth to meet the required minimum payments of £50 per month to the lender and I dont know what to do .

wot happens when the debt is over 2 years old

i was declared bankrupt on april 2008, i recently recived demanding letters from this period, will they still persue me even though they have not contacted me for nearly 2 years.

I dont have a contract with 3G can the bailief force me to pay

I phone up to councilled my mobile contract with 3G , 30 days before the end of the contract but they still keep sending me bills and I have rang them up several times to sort it out but they want to offer me a cheap deal so that I keep the contract. I do not want it because I am struggling to pay up my rent and other bills .

partner kept my name on utility bills when i left her now being chased by debt collectors

i split amicably with my partner 2 years ago. household bills were kept in my name but she promised to change them over. i have since just been discharged from bankruptcy. i have written to her twice and her parents once to cancel these bills in my name but she will not. now i have just received a debt collection letter for an unpaid phone bill.

Debt in my name, can they take husbands income towards repaying it?

I have an old debt thats in my previous name and only in my name, i stopped paying them around a year ago when i moved and have recently been getting letters asking me to contact them which i havent done so far. This debt was from a previous marriage and im trying to find out if they do a means test can they take my now husbands income into account?

Loan company told my sister that I am in arrears and how much I had to pay can they do this

Sister was visiting i wasnt home, i have fell into arrers with my loan and in a prev conv i had said i was going to ask my sister to help me out. The loan company phoned my home (live with parents) she asked to speak to me, my sister picked up i wansnt home. she then said are you his sister, sister replied yes.

broadband company chasing payment after ltd company dissolved, where do i stand ?

I have recently dissolved my ltd company after just over 6months and had set up broadband for the company which was a 2year contract in the ltd company name, i disconnected all broadband and phonelines when i dissolved the company, now the broadband company are chasing up payment.

Ex partners debts

My ex partner had debts that I paid off when we began living together, but she contined to get into debt without my knowledge. We split Jul 2009 & although she has moved properties twice since then, she refuses to change her address (post, credit agency etc) from mine. I am constantly receiving mail & phone calls from debt collectors.


my brother put is copanny in admin which ad legal monies outstanding, when he set newco up i was asked if i would garontee payments going forward with newco which i did on contract but only on newco, they have now put me in court saying that monies are outstanding on newco and i am liable but i have bank statements showing that payment that were sent to client acount for newco bills have been to

Why are they only after me?

My husband and I moved to the US over two years ago. We had set up an IVA 2 years before we left and were paying into it faithfully until we moved. We could no longer afford the payments and I'm ashamed to say we thought we would/could just walk away from it. We've heard not heard anything for two years until now.

What's lowest I could offer a debt collection service

I have a few debts that I'd like to get cleared. At the moment money is tight and I have letters coming through, what's the least I could offer to get them cleared, its hundreds not thousands that I owe, thanks in advance

reliable collections threatening legal action or debt collector

I am seeing an adviser at the C.A.B to help with my debts, I made it clear to the creditors that it would take time to get all the information together, particularly from the D.W.P as I had to wait to receive proof of my J.S.A.

I have a limited company which owes a publishing company, now they chasing me?

My limited company owes a publishing company £1000, there is no money in the company and all paperwork is under my company name but now I am getting letters personally addressed to me. The advertising was in my companies name - how is this so?

if my wife was the principle card holder and we had a judgment made against us

when we aplied for an ava would i be resonsable for that debt