Credit Rating

What is a Notice of Disassociation?

Can you tell me what a notice of disassociation is and how to get one?

How to improve your credit score

Topic: Credit Rating | Posted: 3 years 13 weeks
 Your credit score is what makes the difference between you being accepted or rejected for a credit card, mortgage or loan. So making your credit file as attractive as possible to banks and other lenders is hugely important.There's no need to despair if past debt problems have damaged your credit score, though. 

My daughter is in debt. Does it affect me if we have the same address?

Who are the Credit Reference Agencies?

I want to contact the Credit Reference Agencies in the UK. Who are they?

How can I improve my Credit Rating?

I applied for a credit card and I have been turned down. How do I improve my Credit Rating?

The previous tenants at my address were in debt can this affect me?

They have previously been bankrupt and we have had debt collectors call at our address for them, I am concerned that their poor credit rating may be affecting me.

Can unpaid energy bills owed by the previous owners of my new home affect my credit rating?

I checked my first electricity bill at my new home as it seemed too large.Sure enough they based it on an incorrect estimated meter reading when I moved in .

What information is held by the Credit Reference Agencies?

Can you tell me what information the Credit Reference Companies hold on me?

How do I get my Credit Score Up?

I pay all my bills on time, but it seems as though my score will drop or go up a little bit. I may miss a payment once a year. I dont understand why it wont go up. Is it because I pay my credit card off in full all the time? I dont know if I need to try to get things removed from my report and if i do how?

Six things that ruin your credit rating

Topic: Credit Rating | Posted: 8 years 32 weeks
Being in debt and having a less than perfect credit rating often go hand in hand. And we’re sure you really don’t want to read this but everyone should know. So here goes.

What is Credit Scoring? What is my Credit Score?

I know my Credit Score is important. What is a Credit Score?

am I in arrears if I go over my overdraft limit,don't pay the charge,so get charged again?

I went over the limit, got charged for it, then again next month, paid the charges in full next month, account is within the limit now but I have 2 months arrears on my credit check file. is this right?

My IVA is now fully paid up. How long will it be before I can apply for credit again.

My IVA ended in April 2010 I have done a credit check only this weeks & it shows good. But how long will it be before I can apply for credit. I.E. I'm in need of a kitchen refurb which I'm weiry about becasue paying for it on credit would be the only way I could do it @ this present moment.

Can my daughters bad credit rating affect my credit rating, her address is the same as mine?

My daughter has run up lots of bad debts and I want to know if this will affect my husband and my credit rating seeing as she has used our address.

hi i had a loan in 2002/3 which i never payed defaulted in 2004. ive had no contact at all

with either the creditors or the d.c.a the sum is just over 10k and i borrowed around 5k and money has always been very tight and having problems in life made me forget about it all till i checked my credit report and saw the default.. they have not ordered any court poceedings.its like they have forgotten..

Who can I speak to about someone else's credit score?

I have a joint mortgage with an ex housemate and last year he decided to move out last year. In order for me to keep the house he stayed on as a silent partner as I was unable to take over the mortgage myself but he makes no financial contribution whatsoever and I even paying him monthly as well.

how do i get my credit rating back?

I used to be in debt many years ago, i didnt get a CCJ or go to court. my credit report looks clean but there is no available credit available to me. my credit ratin seems none existant, and i keep getting rejected for loans. I have a bank account, a mobile phone and am on the electoral role. what can i do?