Wil my sons ccj affect my credit rating? Its against our property, but he lives elsewhere.

I have been informed by a debt collection agency that my son, who lives elsewhere, has a ccj against him at my property. He moved out a few years ago but I believe he has continued to register his vehicles at my home. Will this affect my credit rating and is there anything that can be done about it?

Can creditor force sale if charge put on property in shared ownership property

i am in a shared owner property with a housing association and have been issued a CCJ for £17k the original loan £15k they are now threatening to put charge on property which i own 45% my equity is only around £21k at the moment would they force a sale im currently not working and wonder if selling best option but would leave me with nothing as have othr debts of £23k I

we want to sell out house but have a secured ccj on it what if it does not cover both?

we need to sell our house after 5 years but have a secured ccj on the house and dont think that we will get enough to pay both mordgage and the ccj solicetors and estate agents fees , do we have to pay the ccj first before house loan?

Will my sons ccj affect my credit rating? Its against our ...

My step son lives in Bristol but it appears that he is registering his bank account, car insurance etc at our home address where he has never lived. If he defaults (has a history of maxing out and then up and off) can the creditors come to our property for payment or will it affect our own property credit rating?

Form N245 or N44 for CCJ transferred to HCEO

Hi, A CCJ was issued for a lump sum amount, my sister was unable to pay it so it has been transferred to a 'High Court Enforcement Officer'.

I have been paying 2 ccj's for about 15 years now, what would happen if i stopped paying

I have been paying 2 ccj's for about 15 years now (£5 month on each one) I will be dead before the debt is cleared so what would happen if i just stopped paying now? I am about to move house soon, would this help?

Will a ccj affect my ability to receive student finance?

can a creditor ask me for more money than what i owe on my ccj

i received a ccj telling me i owe one amount, and the creditor is telling me i owe a different amount which is considerably higher. They said this was because they only put a part claim in to keep costs down and i still have to pay the rest. Can they do this?

I am a creditor. I have a CCJ against my debtor.

My debtor would like me to officially record payments made so that the credit rating agencies would be able to see the debt being paid off. Is this possible for me to do ?

Will CCJ affect house sale

i am in the process of selling my jointly owned house with my husband. I have 3 charging orders from 2009 which I believe are still valid & I am paying a fixed amount on these.

I have a CCJ and I think this is stopping my housemates getting credit, how do I change this

I do not own my house, we all rent it together. I have a CCJ and one of my housemates had an excellent credit rating before he moved in. He tried to get something on finance and this was rejected, whereas before he had no trouble doing such things, and I am fairly sure this is to do with my CCJ.

CCJ because of inadequacies of leading car insurance company

My wife now has a CCJ against her because a leading car insurance company ignored letters from a third party insurance company when a claim was being addressed. The matter went to the courts but the insurance company still ignored the letters. My wife then received a judgement from the court for almost £5,000.

Can CCJ payments be increased?

My partner has 2 ccjs from his previous marriage. With regard to one of them, it was agreed at the time of the CCJ being registered that he would pay £55 per month,. they have now contacted him to say that they wish to increase this by £10 a month and if he doesn't agree they want to see 3 years worth of bank statements.

debt collectors chasing from 4 years for 890 pounds

Hi there, First let me thank you very much for your help in this forum. Here follows my nighmare; I have debit collection agency chasing me to pay around 890 pounds (which include interest) that was borrowed from HFC for a computer in 2004. The debt has changed hands with several debt collectors finally ending up in the hands of 1st credit. they have been chasing me since 5 months.

What is an Administration Order?

I am due to go to enforcement of judgment office regarding a ccj i ignored, what happens?

What happens at an enforcement of judgments office? I have been told to appear at my local enforcement office, will they make me pay more than i can afford? I also never got an admission and defence form to defend the ccj, just a letter telling me that a ccj has been enforced,and i have to appear or they will seize my goods.

I have a ccj from a loan company,I'm unemployed,I have to go to court to answer questions

I'm worried because I've not been to county court before,I have no income at all,I'm married with 3 kids,I'm a house husband so my wife works,what will happen?,I'm really stressing over this,the debt is in my name only,thanks