Catalogue Debt

Reliable Collections

Sometime ago I had a debt with Fashion World Catalogue. Originally this debt was £252. This debt has now grown to over £2,000. I have offered several times, over the telephone, to repay this sum at a set amount. Whatever amount I offer they say it is too little and refuse to accept it. Unfortunately I am not in a well paid job and can only afford to pay off a minimal amount.

What is the ultimate outcome of ignoring a debt?

I have searched a lot and I cannot find an answer to my query (not just on this site) - what is the ultimate outcome of ignoring a debt? I have/had several debts and, with those that were willing to communicate through letter only, I have reached an agreement for a small amount per month.

is my agent responsible for a catalogue customers non payments

i ordered a tv out of a friends catalogue and have paid half of it but cant now afford to pay anything is she responsible for my payments or does she report me to the catalogue,which im hoping will happen

how long is a debt held against you

Is agent responsible for customer debts?

After customers fsulted on payments catalogue is now expecting sgent to settle these debts. Items wrre bought in customer name bu debt notice addressed c/ agents address, agent asked catalogue for list of debyors so as yo provide them with customer addresses, no list received , now debt in hands of national debt recovery who ar pushing agent for payment & increase

what are my options

i had a shop signed 5yr lease business failed after 1yr cant sublet landlord wont release me from shop dont want to go bankrupt, the debts are in my name ie shop rates /rent arrears i work away from home dont want the wife to get harrased from bailiffs etc what are my options

Ex partner fraud

My ex partner has ordered goods in my name through a catalogue. I have known nothing about this until a collection agencies letter landed on my doorstep. Phoned them up and they are investigating. called the police who are not remotely interested but surely this is fraud?