Switching your current bank account could save you money

Topic: Banks | Posted: 3 years 13 weeks
 More than half of Britons never change their bank and stick with the same current account through thick and thin, according to new research from vouchers website TopCashback. But current accounts have changed a lot over the last few years, meaning anyone who fails to shop around for a better deal is almost certainly losing out financially.

Where can i get a savings account whilst being bankrupt?

Im currently in an undischarged bankruptcy and looking to have a savings account. I stay in Scotland just in case that makes any difference. I did have a savings account with the Bank Of Scotland and they said it would be fine to continue to use this whilst bankrupt.

Can a DCA track you if change your name?

Assuming someone changed name by deed poll, closed all credit accounts, i.e. mobile phone, sky, bank accounts etc and moved address. How can a DCA find said person?

can i open an account if i have judgements against me?

Can we be forced to sell our house by the Bank if we cannot pay our secured loan.

We took a loan for our Ltd Business it was secured on our home. Unfortunately our business went into liquidation and we are now being asked to repay an amount of £30000. Our home is in my Husbands name only but myself and my children also live here. I can make an offer to pay a minimum monthly amount but can they force us to sell our home to pay of the debt immediately. Regards

can the bank take my ppi payment towards my husbands unpaid loan

I have been trying to pay my bank an agreed amount of money off my dept,

Every time I send it they return it saying wrong account, I then send it to the new account they return it saying wrong account this has been going on for 2 years, and they keep returning my money

Business account when discharged from bankruptcy

Hi I have been DBR since April 2010 - I now wish to start up a small retail shop and naturally wish to accept payment via a card terminal (chip & pin). To have this facility you need a business bank account. Unlike a basic personal account these appear impossible to obtain - I've tried several banks including my own COOP but so far its no or call again in 6 years sir :-(

my business failed owing lloyds tsb £4500

LLoyds tsb instructed a firm of solicitors who were unwilling to make a payment plan and issued me with a ccj they got judgement and now have a applied to the court were they are based to put a charging order on my house.

If the Bank that gave you a loan out of the blue sends you a cheque for a months over paymen

If the Bank that gave you a loan out of the blue sends you a cheque for the same as your monthly payment. Why would they do this. There is little chance of me over paying (defaulting yes but not over payment) and do I have to pay it back (Yes is the only honest answer to that) but by law do I have to?

I have a DRO can I get a bank account if so which bank

Selling a house co-owned with ex wife

I own a house with my ex wife that is rented out, but I want to sell it and move on with my life, she is reluctant to sell but can afford to. The house is in negative equity by at least £10k but we have agreed any equity, positive or negative will be split 50:50. Can I force the sale against her wishes?

my wife has been sequestrated. will i be liable for our joint overdraft.

my wife had an account with overdraft with rbs for many years. my name was added to the account fairly recently with the intention of paying my wages into the account. this never actually happened, and i never yet made any deposit or withdrawl. in fact i had no dealings whatsoever with that account.

My husband set up a business as a sole trader bank account set up as him trading as

my mother and I were only signatories on the account so as we could right out cheques on his behalf when he was out of the country, when I got marries to him I went to my local HSBC bank to advise them of my change of name so that the cheque book would reflect this.

i have split up with my partner coming up to a year in juy. when we was together the mortage

was in his name only. we took a loan out against the mortage in both names. things are now turning nasty. i no longer can afford to pay 500 a month so he can live in the house. can you give me some advice what i can do

Am I liable for a companies debt once it has been dissolved?

I was previously a director of a limited company it was dissolved over a year ago. There was a company bank account set up at the time. The account balance was apparently overdrawn slightly and I have just received a call from the bank asking for the repayment of the overdrawn amount plus a huge fine that has been building up in the mean time.

how long before i can get credit again?how do i find out

if my card is closed can i open another card with a different bank company