I am an undischarged bankruptcy, would these expenses be considered reasonable?

I am an undischarged bankruptcy, am i allowed to pay family member for a car that i use that they have taken out on hp? Also my sons new school has a monthly fee, i have had to move him due to bullying at his old school. Currently i am a single parent and i need car for my work, school runs, shopping etc. Currently for my sons school, family are going to help with fees until i get a proper job?

What options do i have as a bankrupt contractor

I'm soon to be made bankrupt and currently on PAYE but would like to also do some contracting & free lance work on top on my PAYE employment. I do not want to manage my own tax or be a limited company but free to work on short term projects for any client and be sure my tax and insurance is covered.

Personal bankruptcy and company struck off

Having been declared bankrupt in November 2011 I was sole shareholder of a company with property assets of approx £100,000. The Trustee in my bankruptcy allowed the company to be struck off in June 2012 and I now would like to have it reinstated.

my ex was taken off the mortgage July 2017 he has threatened to declare himself bankrupt.

Will they take money out of my house. I sold my property in 2015 that I owned on my own. we bought a house together in 2016. the deposit was my equity. he has not loved at the property since sept 2016

Will i loose my home if my ex husband is still on morgage.

I have been seperated from my ex husband since 2011 and divorced a few weeks. In 2011 my solicitor changed the morgage with the land registry to me as first point on morgage and him as second so he can not make any changes. He was to remain on the morgage until i got into full time work.

When Can I become a Managing Director of a PLC company?

Dear Sir/Madam  I was made Bankrupt some 17 months ago with your guidance to help me complete the procedure.I am still working hard to get myself back on track and having secured a good job for a year now I have the opportunity of applying for a role of Transport managers role within my company but am concerned that as one of the requirements is to be 'A person of good repute' which says bankrupt