In debet and parents house threatened with bailiffs

Basically I owe a company money. I am studying abroad and they have threatened to send bailiffs to my parents house even though I am not registered there anymore. Is there anything they can actually do. I am not sure whether I am still registwred to vote there or not.

Daughters debts

My daughter was living with myself and my partner she has run up numerous debts but 5 months ago moved to Spain we have been receiving debt letters and one currently saying bailiffs will be calling myself and my partner are worried sick what can we do to solve this matter she no longer lives with us I’ve taken her off electoral roll but that won’t come off until next April any advice please

My friend's son brought a car on HP, is she liable as he can't pay, she is not a guarantor

My friend's son brought a car on HP, but now he cannot afford to pay back the installements? My friend is paying as she is scared the bailiffs will come to her house to take her possessions. She was not a guarantor for the loan, so is that possible? Thank you.

Boyfriends ex sending bailiffs to my door

My boyfriend (that does not live with me) has Csa arrears and his ex has told them he lives at my address permanently and I’ve now had 3 bailiff letters hand delivered advising they are coming to take my possessions, how can I stop this?



High court enforcement officers

I rent a room out and have been called by said tenant telling me the enforcement officer was at my house! The officer told me that he was legally able to seize my goods in payment of my lodgers debt and that I would have 7 days to prove the goods were mine, how can this be possible, my lodger has been given 7 days to pay his debt or they will be back. Can they remove my goods to pay his debt?